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  1. I'm 18. I have a younger brother, and 2 older sisters. My parents are out right now, so i figured that i'd do a good deed. Just busted up a hugeee sesh in my big spacecase, and went downstairs to see what they were doing. Here's how it went down:

    "yoooooooo lets get baked"
    "is that a joke? i could never ever say 'no' to a session. whats up your ass"

    fuck that, i have exams to. I'm still gettin ripppped

    only one of my sisters is at home. she's 20. she smokes occasionally.

    "hey! whatcha doin?"
    "nothing really"
    "wanna bun"
    "no thanks"

    is she serious? who denies the oppurtunity to smoke some weed?
    whatever, guess ill get that much more stoned:rolleyes:
  2. more weed for you but its good you offered.
  3. Wow dude thats crazy, my sister is always begging for me to smoke with her, of course the stuff i have is WAY better than the shit she can get her hands on (shes 15 lol)
  4. Haha. I'm used to getting these texts occasionally from my brother - "Yo, I'm at your house. You got a bowl?" or "I'm over on this side of town doing shit, smoke me up" or "I'm dry, let me get a few bowls". It's my little brother, I could never deny him. It's all good in the end though, because I work 5 minutes from his house, so I stop by and get smoked out too. Plus, he is the one that hooked me up with my distributor :smoking:
  5. my older sister would NEVER turn down a smoking invitation. We have fun :D
  6. i smoked with my sister twice. she is 22 i am 18. she is driving me and my boi to this concert so we smoking her up on sunday. shit gunna be str8
  7. Wish I could just walk up to my little bro and ask him that. If I did he'd turn me in faster than you can say "Fast as fuck"
  8. I would smoke mexican dirt weed till my lungs bleed with the person i hate the most in my life if i was getting smoked up.
  9. Just got back from smoking a blunt with my older brother. Shits always a good time since I only get to see him like 3 or 4 times a years.
  10. I don't know if I would want to smoke with my siblings, or if they would even want to. My brother is 16, My sister is 22, and I'm 18. My brother used to smoke, but he got mixed up in the wrong crowd, plus his grades went to shit so he gave it up. He was only 14, so that's probably why. I still dont know if my sister smokes. When I first got my license at 16, my sister would always ask my friends if I do smoke. From what they told me, it seemed like she would have been pissed if they said yes. Fortunately, my friends didnt even have to lie because I didnt start smoking until my 18th birthday. I think she might of lightened up about MJ since then though. She told she was going to a hookah bar a month or so ago. And there's this picture of her facebook with an unlit joint. I don't think it's real, and if it is, i don't think its hers; she might have just been posing with it.
  11. Always good to smoke with family sometimes

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