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  1. so i got a call at home from my sister, she is studying abroad for college. well i had talked to her about weed before and she said she had smoked once or twice, but she said it like she didnt like it or she didnt do it anymore. well we were talking and i asked her if they smoked where she was at, and she was like yeah, so i asked her if she did, and apparently she does. we used to hate each other but over the past few years we have been a lot cooler with each other. im excited for when she gets back, its gonna be pretty tight to smoke with her.

    anybody else smoke with their siblings? share your stories!
  2. I've done a few bowls with my bro on holidays, shits pretty fun.The very first time i smoked dank, 1 bowl and i was in another world. I ended up writing christmass cards for people ( i think i was like 15 at the time ) and I signed my first name and last name on a few and i just killed myself laughing. Obviously they know who gave it to them.
  3. well, its technically not my sibling. But she is my step sister. Its actually really really cool to smoke with someone like that. Everytime I go down to my dads she always has really dank bud and she just lets me smoke it with her because she wants mew to be high if she is.

    Just a month ago, i was down there and we bought pineapple express and smoked 4 bowls of dank before it started. thats a funny fucking movie.

    All in all, its really coool to share the herb with family. I wish my 2 brothers would smoke with me but they're pharmacists..
  4. ^^ and before, i forgot to mention, i used to smoke with her and her boyfriend outside of the house when i was 15 and my one really smart brother just stood outside with us all and watched me. if you were ever high that young off of chronic, you know how fucked uo ypou are. those were the good ol days
  5. my little sister is STILL brainwashed by D.A.R.E and shit so no. I've smoked with my aunt and my cousin a few times though, cool experience :D
  6. when i was about 16, i told my 13, almost 14 year old brother that i smoke and apparently he had already tried it twice.

    from there on i smoked with him frequently. he would come in my room and we would go on my balcony.

    dont freak out calling me a bad influence. he tried it before i was brought in to the picture.
  7. My sister and I used to smoke together all throughout high school (she's three years older) but now we live three hours apart. Whenever we get together we blaze and make bomb as food and watch 90210 or something else totally ridiculous. She's probably the funniest person to smoke with in the entire world--to me, that is. But now she's been getting really bad anxiety attacks and smoking makes it worse =(. I wish it helped her like it seems to do for so many other people.
  8. I smoke with my brother all the time. We'll drive to my grandma's house, which is like an hour drive, and we'll smoke a blunt on the way back home.
  9. smoked w/ my (half)sister a few times.

    i never smoked when she lived at home, she ran away when she was 16 and never came back. I ran into her a few years later, and spent the night at her apt. she rolled the first blunt i ever smoked, then we walked around town trying to find her bf.

    couldn't find the bf so we stopped at a party, was a dude there named "faygo". With faygo, my sis, a random girl and i smoked a hooka for my first time.

    i don't remember much after that other than i ate a lot of BBQ chicken. i remember waking up in my sisters apt w/ her two pit bulls licking my face.

    went home and didn't see her for a few more years. i smoked w/ her a few times randomly after that, but it was never as fun as the first time.
  10. oh and my bro is another story. hes a really good kid. as far as i know hes never smoked weed.

    he knows i'm a big pothead. and its pro-legalization. hes just never tried it because hes scarred my mom will be super pissed. she had 3 kids, so far 2 of them haven't made it anywhere in life. so shes really hoping this one will do something. So, i've always told him to wait until after high school (and he did), now i been telling him to just get through college before he tries it.

    i always thought he wouldn't smoke, that hes more of a drinker. but now i'm starting to think hes prob going to smoke here and there when he gets older.

  11. me and my brother toke up in my garage all the time. not much more to be said. we both smoke. thats about it hahaha
  12. Me and my sister never really talked much

    But one time I threw a little party at my house n since she was over 21 since i was 16 years old i could get booze whenever

    Well she was bringing over another case for my party and she asked me if I wanted to go out back and smoke. Me never doing it before at this point was a little hesitant and decided to do. And man did I feel stoned lol I have heard alot of people say they didnt get high the first time they smoked but I sure did ahah.

    Now me n my sister talk all the time and have been smoking together for 3 years now. I actually pick up for her now.
  13. ya dude i kinda wish i could smoke with my lil sister...shes 18. she is still brainwashed by and my sis never really talk and weed would definetly help...and she knows i smoke...along with my parents lol

    i never talk to her but im 100% sure she doesnt smoke...she probly has like once or twice cuz she knows how much her brother loves it lol...but as far as i know she hasnt smoked it ever...i hate girls that are like "ewww...smoking is gross" lol...cuz thats her i bet

    maybe one day i will smoke with her..but as of now she is a straightedge loser is wrong with u if ur 18 and dont drink or smoke...act ur age lol
  14. my mother. but she was prego with my lil sister when i was staying with her. so she didnt smoke at the time but after she had my sis. smoking buds with her was on like donkey kong
  15. I was a freshman in highschool when i first started to heavily smoke, and my sister was a senior. We were never really that close, but we didnt realize how much we had in common until after we smoked. So we smoked together as often as we could before she left for college. It was quite a good time.
  16. Mr brother is the one who introduced me into smoking, lol.

    We used to smoke ALL the time together, but we don't really anymore. I occasionally will meet him at a sesh.
  17. Beginning of Sophomore year I smoked my sister up, having smoked for a couple years before that myself, and to this day I smoke with her more than anyone else. We're twins and wicked tight, it's so awesome.
  18. I smoke with my older brother whenever he visits here, or whenever i visit him at college. And my uncle was the first person to encourage me to smoke weed if i ever am feeling down or anything. haha.
  19. Hmmm. I have never smoked with my sister, but I have smoked with her friends. Reason is she doesn't smoke. I have smoked with my cousin, and I know my parents smoked with their siblings.
  20. I've done everything but buy a fucking vape to try to get my sister to smoke, yet she refuses because "smoking is gross". I suggested a vape, and she said "ew, no, I don't want to smoke that stuff" -_-

    I guess some people never learn.

    PS: She also drinks. Sounds like somebody is ignoring the facts of which is healthier :p

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