sibling and dui

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  1. hey it's my first post and i really need help

    my brother got a dui last week, he's 21 and has never done anything bad before, he's an amazing student and plans on med school next fall, he got pulled over and arrested

    my parents told me yesterday and ive been in total shock since, my mom has been crying. idk why but i feel really depressed over this, i'm not even the one with the dui, him and my parents are under so much stress it's making me depressed.

    i can't believe he did this, anyway why do i still feel so upset? when somebody in ur family got a dui how did you react, i think im overreacting but i can't help it and i cant focus on anything, i just think bout my bro getting arrested
  2. Just suck it up, nothing you can do or could've done. It was HIS choice to drive under the influence, and everyone whom does is fully aware of the risks that follow. Sounds like he'll make it, just be glad it wasn't you. :)
  3. Oh boo hoo
    Shit happens
  4. I remember my aunt had big problems with driving around drunk. She managed to never get a DUI, but one time she drove into a ditch and got her car stuck, so she called my dad to pull her out. Once he did he asked if she was okay and if she could make it home, which was only about a mile away. She said yeah yeah thank you and all that. Guess what? She didn't even make it back on the road. She drove right back in. My dad was fucking pissed.
  5. i feel like im stressin over this way too much but i cant help it
  6. Well, he just learned him about a 5 - 10,000 dollar lesson.
  7. Fuck dude did he run someone over while DUI? Did he crash? Is he hurt? What's the big fuking deal??! Sure he will have to pay huge fines and takes stupid classes and maby have a restricted licence for a while, but his life is not ruined.

    I personally know many MD's, registered nurses, care givers, and tech that have had a DUI or more (yes I work in a hospital) it's not the end of his life.

  8. yeah i just wish this never happened, my parents have never even had alcohol. so they were SHOCKED when it happened.
    its just dat their stress is making me stress
  9. I used I have a cousin like that, the whole family knew her as a goody-goody that never done anything wrong in her life, she had excellent grades all thoroughly school also. But I knew her like noone in the family di and all the stupid shit he would secretly do, now she's pregnant and dropped out of a university ha! They sure weren't expecting that!

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