Siamese Plant? Foreign Invader?

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    So I went away for 4 days and cam back to find a siamese plant growing in my 2 gal smart pot.  I've heard of siamese cases before, however this twin is growing almost 4" away from the main plant.  This guy has gone through a lot of stress, but I don't see that as being an affective method for establishing a twin.  I'm gonna let it play out and transplant it in a week or two.  My yield and/or potency probably won't be the greatest with these two unfortunately :\\
    I was going to top dress it with some more soil when I got back today (as I could see some root growth on the soil near the stem), but I may wait several more days until the twin grows a little more out of the soil.


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  2. If its even a cannabis plant...

  3. Yea that doesn't look like a cannabis sprout to me. I get random sprouts occasionally but that's because I use recycled soil from my garden. 
  4. Ya I was wondering if it is even cannabis.  This is my first cycle on this soil though and it's an indoor plant.  
  5. Ya I have a buddy who grows for a dispensary come over and check it out this morning.  Couldn't rest easy not knowing for sure, he just recommended to kill the sprout, so I did.

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