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  1. ok these guys are insane awesome i love em

    dont be shy is prolly my favorite

    this song rox my sox off

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  2. I actually first heard of them though this website about a year ago. Back when they had no more than 2000 myspace friends.

    I used to like them because they were doing something original but as soon as I heard about the MTV show I realized that they gave up any idea of making good music to appeal to pop culture tennyboppers.
  3. Almost all mainstream hip-hop now besides Kanye..

    I cant find one good station at work with some real hop.

  4. yeah I agree with you there, I cant think of a single mainstream artist that is doing something different.

    I really like kanye but his recent work with Lil Wayne is making me think twice about him being that original.
  5. lil wayne and young jeezy are my fav!!

    but shwayze is so awesome
  6. dude the music is still good, they're just doin what they can to get it out there. most of their fans have probably pirated their music, they gotta make a living somehow
  7. Least they smoke reefer
  8. just saw them at the roxy a few weeks ago...they were dope :hello:

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