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Shwag vs. "The good shit"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cheebasmoke, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. Why does everyone bad mouth shwag so much. You can get a good sack of shwag and still get ripped as hell. At least i can. It just takes a few more bowls. I think the only reason ppl dont like shwag is cuz they waste their money on the good shit and their tolerance goes up and they are unable to get stoned of shwag anymore. As for the headaches ppl experience- i only get that with really bad shwag, u know the shit that barely makes u high. But anyway, lemme know why u choose the dank and kb's over shwag.
  2. I suppose when you go to the store and see a gallon jug of wine for $2.99 you're all over that. I prefer a bottle that has been aged properly and created with the utmost care. If you want grape Kool-Aid with Kings Deluxe vodka in it and call it wine, go ahead. I'll stick to the $100 a bottle stuff. Or the difference between a good beer and budweiser. Sure you can get messed up off a 24 of bud, but why would you torture yourself with the taste of budweiser if drinking is something you like to do. I like to smoke weed, and I like the flavor of good weed. So I choose not to torture myself with the flavor and harshness of skank weed. I am a hobbiest. I like to use quality material. "Getting high" isn't the only reason I smoke weed. Give me the super bomb diggity and I will be happy. I would rather smoke no weed than skank weed in most situations. Thanks.


  3. what he said, i have been away at college and unable to get the good stuff, i haven't smoked since i was home. man this town has some shitty overpriced dope.

  4. i definately have to agree w/ya there...
  5. I'd much rather smoke a $15 Cohiba than a $.50 Swisher Sweet...
  6. you sir, are a retard. You voted for Hubert Humphrey and you killed Jesus.
  7. Exactly, I couldn't have said it better myself.
  8. regs suck, its like shitty honda vs bmw, the good stuff gets you higher, has a better high, tastes better and is just overall better. I buy nothing but the best I can get which is always some crazy bud.
  9. Hmm, I prefer dank over schwag for taste reasons/just dont feel like a vietnamese hooker once I've smoked it.

    Thought right now I can't find any dank for the life of me, so I resorted to smoking schwag. When I smoke it I feel dirty and gross, but I still get ripped so /shrug.

    Basically I will only smoke schwag if I can't find dank.
  10. exactly.... +rep
  11. I prefer dank over shwag because it gets me higher,it takes less to get me high,it tastes better/smells better/feels better/smokes better...just some of the reasons I prefer dank over shwag.Now don't get me wrong,I won't turn down shwag if somebody has it,but I only buy dank,and that's how I'll always be.
  12. You can compare THC and alcohol.. though
  13. Lol okay man go ahead and delete your post.
  14. ^^ the definition of a pot snob. lol.
  15. Didn't feel like arguing. Lol.

    Nice avatar though.
  16. Thanks man.. i made it myself :) and thats my plant btw.
  17. Shit dude. That's badass.
  18. Honda isnt shitty actually, and thats a bad comparison because bmws are only slightly better if you dont wanna spend an extra 50 000, so maybe toyota vs. porsche or something is a better comparison...
  19. Thanks .. i also made my avatar :)
  20. I need 3 bowls of shwag/mids to get me as blazed as one bowl of good nug....i usually dont smoke mids, but i just been gettin smoked up a lot by this mids its all chill you know.

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