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Shwag vs. Dank.... please help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeedNatzi, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. ok, in the town that i live in, you can reallly only get 2 strains Shwag or dank.
    I can get a full O for about 60 if its shwag, and almost 240 for a full O of dank shit. im trying to figure out if i should buy bulk shwag, or eighth at a time of some good shit.
  2. No question, get the better herb.
  3. What you COULD do (and I'm by no means saying do it) is get the O of Schwag and sling it $100. That's what one of my friends does. Then, when you've got enough, you could pick up the O of headies. Like I said, I'm not saying you should do it, just that it's what my friend does.
  4. well im betting you're new to the scene, man. Cuz if u've been around, u'll know DANK is BEST.
    No Argument

  5. Lol, hey man why is your friend slangin' O'z?
    that's small time, like wayyyyyyyy at the bottom.
  6. 240 is a super good price for an O of dank aswell man

    buy half o's if you dont wanna drop 200

  7. his boy is probably just trying to make enough to keep his head above water. i dont think his goal is to profiteer and start a business. sell some smoke some, keep some cash on the side. its all good man
  8. You peeps really shouldn't be talking about flipping ounces or other dealing activities here. It's against the rules.

  9. get the o of shwag and an 1/8 of dank. i herd you can mix the 2 for a lot of smoke and a decent high. but if you dont want to mix get the dank! but in moderation. a lil goes a long way.
  10. buy the o of schwagg and make edibles

    like that dude toscano

    hes a genius:rolleyes:
  11. Hm.. dank no doubt about it. Im not into selling so I would just smoke it all by myself and share a little with friends. Quality over quantity.
  12. I never understood the point in smoking schwag, I mean seriously if you aren't going to smoke good weed why even bother smoking.
  13. If that's true why do people drink cheap beer? And no-name liquor? And crappy cigarettes?
  14. 60 for an ounce of schwag or 240 for an ounce of dank...i'd be pretty sure you'll be getting more than 4x's the weed/THC in the ounce of dank. the choice seems pretty simple to me.
  15. I would definately say its up to you, buy the O of schwag if you wanna spend an hour smokeing blunts and killing your lungs, or say you buy an Oz of dank, a 1 gram blunt of that to the dome would do most smokers.

  16. Half a gram of danky goodness does me in. Your tolerance must be as high as hell.

  17. A half gram works for me out of my bong, break it into 2 snaps :D. But in a blunt, its gotta have atleast a gram in it.
  18. #18 DimebagRIP88, Feb 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 23, 2009
    He does it because the people he sells to only buy in quakes, halves, and ounces. There's no real reason for him to buy more. Plus, possession of anything more than an ounce in my state is a felony, and he'd much rather pay the fine, ha :D

    Plus, he ain't doin it to get rich out the ass, he's just doing it to pay off a couple bills and help some friends.

    EDIT: Ha, got it right at 420 :)

  19. because cheap beer still has alcohol in it and will still get you as drunk as normal beer, and often taste isn't a whole lot different (for me at least). Same thing with no-name liquor. and cigarettes.

    But schwag... that's just poorly grown weed dude. Won't get you nearly as high, nor as good of a high.

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