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Shwag seeds producing good bud?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by DrBlunt, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. So I have heard a theory that you can take regular shwag seeds and plant them, and as long as you grow them properly (24 hour veg cycle, plenty of the right kinds of nutrients, and good soil) they can turn into monsters. Is there any truth to this rumor?
  2. Theres more to it than that, but yes, generally if you take better care of something and do things right, it will turn out better than someone who didnt.
  3. I know it definitely helps, but I was wondering to what extent. If it just makes a bit better quality shwag, its not worth it. But if I can grow some crystally bud from some shwag seeds that's an entirely different matter.
  4. Bagseed will grow nice plants. Even a basic Skunk #1 (common schwag strain) comes out great if grown properly. The reason for schwag being schwag isnt usually the genetics, its the grower.
  5. While genetics play a role, it is very true that bagseed from schwag will turn out much better given proper care during growing and harvesting curing. Without fail, every bagseed plant I grew stacked up very well against dutch strains. And I would have to disagree that Skunk #1 is shwag. Yes, it is used a lot commercially due to ease of growth and impressive yields, but grown right it is primo stuff.
  6. Agreed. Schwag is the result of poor quality control. I got a free bag of Skunk #1 from Mandala- they grew to be... let's just say they were definitely Skunk #1 :smoking::smoking:
  7. Ok, i've been smoking a while, but at least where I am from I've never heard the terminology "Schwag, mids, and danks" Im guessing from what I've been able to infer is that its a progression? Schwag blows, mids are medium, and dank is crsytally goodness?
  8. right drsnuggles schwag=flat almost always bricked. mids= somewhat nuggy and packed in a loser brick usually in 10 pound bricks. dank/nug/ is always dense full buds with lots of crystals and a great smell
  9. i have 6 plants that are just finishing up now..all were random bagseed not great bud..all of them look like very nice..one was picked early because it was a hermi and it is still some dank..More lights more crystal =]
  10. My first few grows were primarily schwag bagseed, turned out good and my bros loved it.
  11. You can definitely grow "good" pot with schwag seeds.

    The crappiest bag of weed I've EVER bought became this, with a little love and nutes:


    It's not the prettiest pot, but it got me high as hell. Nothing like the bag it came from.

    I think it's 80% growing style, 20% genetics. (I'm guessing)

    I grew some Mandala Speed Queens at the same time:


    It's "better", because the high is a little more pleasant and refined, but it's not 10x stronger or anything. (It sure looks and tastes better though.)
  12. Did you grow that shit in soil or hydroponics? jesus thats nice! I am going to be starting my first grow in soil soon and I would love to know what kind of nutrients or "love and care" you gave that plant.
  13. Drying and curing also has a massive influence on the quality of the bud. Often commercial stuff is still very wet (weighs more, dunnit?) and just not cured at all. No wonder it is schwag if it was harvested yesterday.
  14. I agree with Cantharis, the drying and curing method of the commercial grower is why it is schwag in the first place, the pot would of been good probably if they dried it right, cured it and didnt smash it into a 5lb brick. Ive done most of my growing over the years with seeds I have plucked from bags of weed I like and everytime it is better than the stuff I got it from. But growing schwag has its downfalls also. A lot of the Mexican pot that we call schwag have hermie tendencies that there isnt anything you can do about, its bred into the shit after years and years of growing. They dont give a damn about hermies, lol. They got acres and acres of it, no time to look for herms.
  15. Gentics can definately limit how potent your final product is but it should be possible to grow decent stuff from poor genetics. I have heard of people growing good buds from a KC Brains strain and that stuff is garbage.

    Man that Mandala Speed Queen bud is awesome segue!

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