Shwag differences?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by timetrial, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Im trying to grow some plants but the only seeds that were able to germinate are shwag seeds. I have 2 on the go now but only one has sprouted thus far. What differences are there between growing shwag and good bud? Is it going to get a lot bigger? When should i start the flowering cycle for it? How much can i expect to yield? Any help would be a lot of help.
  2. Just because you got it from some schwag doesnt mean that the product will be the same... the weed you got the seeds from could have been extremely shitty, but if you grow it right it could turn out to be some of the best weed you've ever had. Believe it or not, ive had some purple haze and some blueberry that were not potent at all, in fact i was almost turned away from the strains all together because of how much the bags i got of it sucked. But grow your plants right and you'll get some pretty good smoke i bet. And you cant tell what you'll yield until you cut down the plant and dry the buds. Good luck on the grow
  3. i had no idea that the strain of the plant had that little to do with the potency. I hope everything else stays constant as well.
  4. I mean it has a lot to do with the potency, but if you grow a really good strain completely wrong then it'll come out less potent. Also if you grow out a bad strain (which your plant might be one of the good strains... you just dont know it) well then it could be pretty potent. If your seeds are of a good strain, but was mass-grown in a field somewere with no fertilizers and poorly grown by someone with a ton of plants just trying to get grams for money, then its not going to turn out very good, now is it? nope. but if you take those same seeds and grow them well then it could turn out to be a very good plant. Hope i didnt just ramble (again... ive been doing that today... damned chocolate chunk weed got me all fucked up...)

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