Shut the fuck up and get out, i never want to see you around here again.......

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mustxtokexbud, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I just had the worst experience with bud i've ever had.:(

    I smoke weed to be chill. I dont care if ppl need a smoke out, its just bud. I'm always super chill with my bud and i'm known for it. The cool ppl who i smk with notice my generocity and pay me back/thro down bud when they can, but there my hommies, i got them when they need it.

    So i'm chillin with a bunch of ppl, there where proble 8 of us. I invited them all over, so of course i was gunna smk out my peeps. But there was one kid i hadnt chilled with, but any friend of a friend can chill wit me so its all good but... after we started smoking, me and two others noticed bud missin from my stash. So i speak wit the two quitely about it and they agree that sumthin is up. so i make a plan and tell them to go with it. So i go to the bathroom and while im in there i told my friend to pretend to steal my bud. So my true friend says to the rest of the group " dude imma take a nug from his stash" and the kid that i suspected of stealing my bud starts laughing and says " haha dude i already took like 2g. So i bust out of the bathroom, punch him in the face, and kicked him the fuck out. I culdnt believe that sumone would do that shit.
  2. Yea, that is messed up. Good job on kicking his ass out. I hate those type of people, they are such a buzz kill.
  3. Haha damn that's rough, but he deserved it. I'm sure if he asked, you would've hooked him up with a nug or two. That's what I do. If I'm with a friend who has an abundance of weed, I'll ask if I can get a bowl or two and they're always fine with it.
  4. wow nice strategy haha
  5. good, he got exactly what he deserved. good plan on finding out if he took it lol
  6. HAHAHA GG. You did the rite thing.
  7. Thats what kids do...You need older friends..Stop hanging out with children that thinks it is cool to steal shit..

    I know I could leave a half O of danks lay around my friends and it will all still be there when I get back..Minus maybe a bowl:p
  8. lol idk why i type "kid". everyone there was over 19
  9. That was a good fucking idea my friend.:cool:
  10. Thanks for all the props on my idea guys! i didn't notice at the time, but it was pretty ninja wasnt it? lol
  11. easily the best way i've ever heard of someone dealing with that situation
  12. That's whats up! What a greedy little bitch, I would have done the same thing. You got your bud back though, right?
  13. Fuck yeah dude thats bad ass + rep. I hope you remembered to get you 2g's back.
  14. oh yeah dude, i got the bud back. when i got out of the bathroom i just looked at him, stuck him in the face and then emptied his pockets. We made him leave his shit to lol
  15. lmao you got that little bitch good. You sneaky snake you
  16. Awesome that you trap actually worked. What a dumbass...
  17. Thats sick that you got your bud back and that was a fucking smart smart smart move scheming that plan with your friend
  18. nice sig bwood! i love u guys with the stoner friendly sigs
  19. Shoulda thrown the fucker down the stairs man...

  20. lmao thats funny as hell.:hello:

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