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  1. Last night was my first time taking shrooms, it was fuckin amazing.......I was wigging out so hard on the ceiling, it was like changing and saying diffrent words.I was smoking some also, but that didnt do anything..I started to laugh really hard, it was like DXM but it wasnt depressing or anything, it was fun and exciting.....I took a half E of it and so did my friend but it really didnt affect him at all..Anyway just sharing my experience and how cool it was=D Off to finish my other half E.
  2. i have been reading up on dxm.. how is it?? i want to try it but i dunno if its like safe... could you give me some tips?? i was reading on erowid and it sounds better than pot but i dont know if will fuck you up.. thanks,btw, is it common and how hard is it to get?
  3. i tripped on mushrooms last wed. for the first time ever, and i ate about 3 grams. i ate about three grams again on saturday but didnt feel shit because of tolerance, so ya, thats a bitch. but at least i have some mushroom chocolates for 4th of july and one trip after that. all ive been thinking about all week is SHROOMS!!!

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