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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmokeDog21, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. hey fellas, i was wondering what exactly shrooms do to u, i mean ive done the alot but dont know what happens 2 ur body and stuff. i read alot about drugs and never have a read anything on shrooms, i know theyre a psycadelic but thats about it?? could someone tell me whats up????

  2. definately not for the weak minded.

    Theyre an intense high that comes in waves. Like at one point ull feel fine and the next thing you know ull be in another room or something. Ususally i philosophize and become one with nature but others i go out smashing tv's and computer monitors at dangerously high speeds inthe car. But dont drive using them until you have done them enuf to be comfortable. I dont even really advise it at all. Dont do them too often like 1 time a week at most but space it out cuz you build a tolerance. And remember theyre all different, so its not the same each time sometimes they dont even work but just stay with it. Its fun assed shit. Over 1g will make you see things, the first time i did them i took a math exam and apparently i wasnt speaking to the teacher in engglish even though i thought i was, my friend sat me in my seat for me and i thought the walls were melting. Oh and one last thing it is the most important BE IN A GOOD MOOD WITH FRIENDS its not the stuff you want to have drama of any sorts with. If ur going into a bad trip just stay calm and think happy, u can smoke a joint or somthing if u can roll it but ull be high either way weed dosent heighten it becuz the mush high is more overpowering. I just smoke after i chomp

    there are many ways to take em
    chew and suck on them for best effects( it will taste like crap but mind over matter)

    chop em and boil them into tea-->RECCOMENDED

    thats all i can think

    neways i definately reccomend them just be careful and dont take more than 2 on ur first shot "get ur bearings

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