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  1. Gettin a half O of some shroomies tomorrow morning, feelin pretty good about that.

    Haha thats all, peace out.
  2. Oh really?
  3. Nice, how much you plan on chewin? last time i got a half O i chewed 7 grams haha
  4. Actually that was my plan exactly, maybe tomorrow night. Maybe i'll come on the city if i can find my way to the computer, let alone type legibly. I really hope i cant though :D
  5. eat the whole half ounce. dead serious here.
  6. Maybe if i had more man.seriously i dont think i could get that many shrooms down, the taste would be unbearable. But hey, maybe i'll be in a particuarly adventurous mood tomorrow you never know. You done that much at once? what was it like?
  7. it would be intense, just lock yourself in your room so you dont end up passing out in the middle of the street and getting hit by a car.
  8. Haha no doubt it would be intense, the most shrooms ive ever done was like 4.5 g's and that was sooo intense, its hard for me to imagine anything getting much more so, but i still believe it. I havnt had a good trip in a long while, this is gonna be great.
  9. The most I've ever eatin was 6 grams and I found that to be quite unpleasent and extremely difficult to sit through. I honestly do not know how people can withstand doses in the 7 gram+ range. Props to anyone who has ventured into those kind of doses thats intense shit.
  10. 2 0z in two days spring hookaville 2005
  11. I wouldn't go above a 7g dose. It's not to fun after that. hehe. 5g is very fun if you've tripped before. :)
  12. Amen brother. Except I was 3 days, 2.5 ounces.. and I was basically floating on acid the whole time.

    heheh. Just piling one hallucinogen over another is one hell of a trip.
  13. Next time it rains i want to pick over 2-Oz at least.... Have fun LOL I love shrooms!
  14. ya know why they call fish brain food?
    because when you eat lots of fish & vitamin c you can trip very often.
    bring on the sushi!!!
  15. haha yea... thats why hunter thompson (R.I.P) was always eating massive amounts of grapefruit.
  16. You mean actually trip off fish and vit. c? What's the dosage? :p

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