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  1. What i just learned is i usually get like ounces fronted from my dealer and i will jsut sell it off for him and whatnot but anyways he went to one of his other guys becuase the main one was dry and waiting for the shipment and they told and showed him how most people think that the caps get u fucked up and what ive found out is that it isnt neccisarly the stems and caps its the spores inside of the shroom that get u the most fucked up and thats what holds all the poison that makes u high and me and him usually do a quater to have a good trip and he told him to get a spoonfull and see how he felt after that and so he said alright picked me up explained it to me and we each had a spoonfull and we tripped some major balls for over 8 hours we were just up all night selling and hittin cruises all night tripiest shit in the world but the one thing that i didnt like about it is the 8ths are basically all shake becuase they grind it up to get the spores out of it and u can see them but most people dont like the looks so they dont get basically try to bring this up with ur dealer or do ur research and i guess try to figure it out urself but its savin me money and makin me trip even harder i dont remember the past 5 days but whatever my pockets are swolp.....but remember the spores and if he sais yes the spores are like white most of the time circle things small and big u should be able to tell just thought i would spread the informatoin out there but im out once again....lil weezy the number one rapper

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