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  1. Hey,

    Well my best buddy and I are considering doing shrooms for our first time this friday, and just got some questions. Firstly is the overall experience (first in particular) a good one usually? I have NEVER done any hallucinagin so Im not sure quite what to expect. Also, what is the best way or your favorite to take it (tea, sandwich etc...). Thirdly, would it be a good idea to smoke a couple bowls in the middle of the trip? All input is appreciated. Thanks all
  2. shrooms are always a good first-time hallucingen, just expect to laugh ur ass off and be in a good mood we u eat em. if possible smoke some bud after u take em.
  3. 1. Yes, shrooms are TONs of fun if your in the right setting(chillin with a few frineds, inside w/music)
    2. I like to take two pieces of whitebread slab on peanut butter and shrooms. Its pretty damn chewy though.
    3. Its fun to smoke weed, but once you are tripping there is really no difference
  4. alright, Also, is it hard to sleep when trippin on shrooms?
  5. Yes, you won't be sleeping until your back at baseline."

    A trip... is just that a trip. It can be a very strange experince, My first and only trip was nothing too heavy, I had about 2.5-3Grams. At one point I did get a little scared, I totally halucinated that we were in a Vehicle Police Pursuit for a couple seconds.
  6. impossible to sleep on them, at least for about 5-6 hours. they are extremely fun. I'd just eat them, you can eat them with something to take away the taste but make sure to chew well. smoking will relax you cause of the placebo but you will be trippin hard enough you actually won't really feel it. so try to limit yourself during because its easy to burn through your sack. save some bowls for coming down, it will help you get to sleep and it will make coming down pleasant. also save a little for saturday morning, a wake and bake after boomin is the best feeling.

    If you're bold enough I'd highly suggest an outside adventure of some kind like to a cool park, you won't regret it, i always have a extremely strong desire to explore when i'm peaking. driving in a car is a great experience as well, feels like a rollercoaster. try to avoid large groups of people or people you don't know well or are uncomfortable around. you won't freak out or anything you'll just feel more comfortable and confident if you are in surroundings you don't find stressful.
  7. thanks man, ya where wed do it is like a 10-15 minute walk thru the city to a park. Do you think if we did it at lets say 11, and smoked a bowl at 2, we could go to sleep around 2ish lol
  8. No, you should be trippin for a good 5-6 hours
  9. ya i always need bud to fall asleep after a trip

    i remember i had just come down after a trip and just had that kinda weird feeling, and i had left my bong outside in my truck

    i had to go all the ay out there just so i could sleep that night lol so deff save some bud so you can sleep
  10. thanks for the advice all

    Any other great things to do while tripping besides going on walks?

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