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  1. so me and some of my friends is picking up some shrooms for next weekend. i'm planning on gettin an 8th. but i was wantin to know some things about em first. so first off what should i expect from 3.5 grams of dried shrooms i thnk dude said they were gold caps. and whats the best way to take em. some told me eating em was the best. others said that if i brewed em in a tea and put lemon in the tea it would get me the highest. so wat should i do. i also heard that that if u eat or drink something with citirc acid it gets you more fucked up. is this true? and any other info u all got would be helpful too

    -peace and never stop blazin
  2. if you take the shrooms and grind them up, then put enough to fill a shot glass half full, fill the shot glass with lime juice, then take the rest of the shrooms, grind em up and put them in cranberry juice, that should do the trick

  3. Well yeah man,, i would eat about half an 1/8 then drink Orange Juice and have fun trippin
  4. drink with orange juice or some sugary will matabolize faster...just remember to crush them up...also you can grind them in your mouth until they soak into your bloodstream...but thats nasty.

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