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  1. I plan on buying some shrooms this weekend, and I have never tried them but they seem sick. I looked up the effects of them and got this site:
    Are those levels how it seems?? Cause if so I want to get to Level 5.
    And how many should I eat if I get like a few grams or so.
  2. No need to make 4 posts dude...
  3. Was an accidnet sorry my pc was going slow, so I clicked post a few times and it did it by accident... sorry.
  4. how much are you picking up?

    shrooming is very fun, I would say try to eat 3 - 4 grams for your first time, make sure you dont have anything planned that day though

    also, try to blaze after you eat them if you can
  5. Uh I think im gonna try to get like 1/8 and pick up some nice dank buds from same guy.
  6. if I were you I would wait till a warm weekend comes up, eat them then and go for a walk or something
  7. Ummm if you've never done em before i doubt you want to reach a level 5.
  8. A level 5 is a life changing experience. You don't want a level 5. I advise to take a gram, then the next hour and half take the rest..I wouldn't take more than an eigth.

    I took an eigth and lost my ego (basically didnt know who I was or what was going on). It totally freaked me out and didn't like it at ALL. Weed is nothing like shrooms. Until you hallucinate you really don't have any concept on what it actually does to you...

    You will though.
  9. i wished i would have taken an 8th my first time, now that i look back on it. If you want to really trip you can grind up the shrooms and mix them in with lemon juice. Let it absorb in the lemon juice for about 5 minutes and then down it like a shot. It gets to your bloodstream faster and increases your trip... i made a thread a 2 nights ago so you can check its in this forum.
  10. Really wanna try shrooms.But fukin hard to get wer i live.Thinkin bout orderin sum seeds n growin my own.Anyone know if seeds r legal in australia?

  11. Loss of ego is incredibly frightening at times. You feel theres nothing other than your perceptions, which most of the time you dont understand. The only time I felt loss of ego was the first 10secs of my first weed high.
  12. You dont get seeds. You either buy some spore prints, to make a bunch of syringes, or buy a syringe. Shroom give spores not seeds. From what I can see, it is a very complicated business, but it sounds fun. If you are think about growing, like me, do a LOT of reading up, because its so easy to mess it up, cuz youre not growing plants. Go to the shroom section of GC, and click on the links on the detail of some spores or something. Then read, its fascinating and sounds fun. Try this site too: and (I hope im not posting competitors sites, if so im sorry!)
  13. Ok well how many would be a good amount for my first time to trip
  14. In grams??

    Depending on your size, 2-4 grams.
  15. first off, great avy. next, it depends on how potent the shrooms are. i've eaten the same amount 2 differnt times and got totally different results. my advice would be to ask someone who's done the same shrooms or the dealer

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