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  1. So tonight I came over my friends house. His bro hooked us up with two of these small, half-dollar sized shroom chocolates. Took one each around midnight, and have been tripping pretty damn hard now. So far its been 4 hours and I have never felt this way before. I have an inner sense of gratitude, and appreciation for everything around me.
    Sitting here tripping to The Deftones, exploring corners of my mind I never thought I had.

    This is the life. :smoke:
  2. god i cant wait to get my hands on some shrooms
  3. damn dude, that's awesome. i'm too freaked out to try shrooms
  4. same
  5. good lord, why are you freaked out about shrooms? shrooms have completey changed my outlook on life! i think they are simply amazing, you can learn things and veiw things while tripping that you would otherwise NEVER EVER EVER expeirence..... you cant OD on shrooms either, so id definetly recommend them to people! I LOVE BOOMERS!
  6. It truly is mind-expanding.
    It changed me for the good.

    You wont have a bad trip as long as you are in a good mood, and havent had any stress/trauma happen to you.
  7. i wanna try shrooms real badly.
    hey you like atreyu dont you liveloveburndie
  8. Proof???

    I've told people that, Ive tripped off shrooms myself. And people who havent done them told me hell naa you can.

    Which i almost can imagine you can.

    What if you ate like a ounce of good dried shrooms, Taste shitty yes. But possible yes. I ate a eighth of some very potent shrooms and tripped so hard before. I couldnt imagine seven more doses of the same. Seems like i'd overdose.
  9. never tried shrooms before and right now im too freaked out to try them too. maby some other time in my life. but what do shrooms taste like??????
  10. there have been no recorded deaths directly related to consuming too many mushrooms... and if you ate an ounce, i suspect your body would probaly reject them and you'd puke....
  11. damn dude. i'm dying to get some shrooms, but i think i'm gonna wait until my confidence builds up... otherwise i might have a bad trip and uh... no thanks...
  12. Shrooms taste like pumpkin seeds w/ the texture of Styrofoam.... blahhhhhhhh just make a strawberry/orange smoothie and throw some shrooms in it and chug it..... you'll be trippin in 20 mins guaranteed....

    Don't be afraid of the fungus it won't harm you only enlighten you!!!!!!!
  13. haha i've wanted to try shrooms for a while now but i can't seem to get ahold of any to easily down here in australia

    it suxx
  14. I just did shrooms last night and yea, they are definitely the most fun I have ever had on a drug.

    We walked around this one town for 2 hours just talking about life and how the earth has been here for millions of years and about the society

    then we tried to go to mcdonalds and order food but we couldnt talk to people not on shrooms. Also on shrooms no matter what you are doing you have fun. Also we decided that a lot of people in this world are always mad, like for no reason they are just mad about everything.

    We also noticed how greedy people in this world are, shrooms made me realize that life is just about living and being thankful that you are alive, not material possesions and how much money you have.

    For everyone who hasnt done shrooms, get a night where its just you and a couple of friends and you have a place to crash so you dont have to worry at all and just take them, I guarentee it will be the most fun you have ever had
  15. I did shrooms, had a bad trip...most Ive ever learned about myself in one night. Waitin to do them again till im in the woods of Alaska.
  16. im not scared of ODing on shrooms im scared of why everytime someone asks if they do shrooms all the people that have done it say you got to be careful and be in the right mood and all that other stuff. so if you get shrooms and your depressed you'll do something crazy or what? i i get the feeling that it can be really good or extremly bad, so whats the truth about them? cuz i want to try them but i get kinda nervous thinking about it
  17. IMO if you are depressed shrooms will bring you out of it because you will realize that its stupid to be depressed when you have so much to look forward to in life and so many fun things to do

    if you are on them just try to go out and explore dont sit in the same room the whole trip

  18. they arent going to automatically make such a pesimistic(SP?) person happy
  19. so happy to see that sig again i just watch it in a trance and play out exactly what kermits saying
  20. Being depressed and tripping on shrooms is a BAD idea.
    IMO it will just enhance the depression, and make you think about it even more.

    I cant wait until I do them again, now every time im outside, I feel different. You appreciate what you have, who you are, and your enviornment so much more while/after you trip.
    And its true how everything is hilarious, I fell on my sleeping friend(who wasnt tripping, he was just really really stoned) the night I did them, and I laughed hard as shit for almost 20 minutes just because I fell on him.
    Your pupils will dilate to an extreme, my eyes were almost black. Time also slows down alot, 40 minutes felt like 2 hours. And when youre having that great feeling, you never wanna come down.

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