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  1. I live in North Carolina and I was mondering if shrooms are even around this time of year? I've heard they are and i've heard they aren't. Also if they are where would be the best places to look?
  2. i've got a good friend that grows them so i have access to them. if you're in the western part of NC then you would know that we just had a bitchin storm the past week or so, so try going to some farmlands or wooded areas and look for them. good chance they are popping up. but yeah good luck man i love shrooms!
  3. Hell yeah, it's rained the past two days. I'm up near va. I've been looking around in my woods and see all kinds of mushrooms but haven't seen any that look like the real ones.
  4. Be sure to head over to shroomery for help with identification too guys.
    Lucky bastards, lol.
  5. That is if I can find some.
  6. I recommend just growing your own shrooms over trying to find them in the wild. Just buy some materials, order spores and start growing. You can even make money, sell part of your flushes

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