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  1. I have an opportunity to try shrooms this halloween, and I'm not sure if I should do it.

    I mean, salvia really freaked me out. I took it and suddenly forgot I had taken it, I then felt that the whole world had been a different place but was just shielded from me the whole time, sort of like the Matrix, except i could slip through dimensions and stuff.

    Scared me the fuck out. It's not nice to have your entire grip on reality completely fall to shreds, and I completely believed all of it.

    Are shrooms better than salvia and less intense? Will I still have a slightish grip on what's real and whats not?
  2. You gotta do it. It's nothing like salvia at all, completely different drug dude. You will have a blast. It's really hard to have a bad trip as long as you just go with the flow, and you will be able to control yourself for the most part, like if something starts you make you feel bad you will know oh let me go in th other room. Its awesome.

  3. Thanks bud, it's a good opportunity since they seem to be preety rare around where I am.
  4. You should do it. All psychedelic drugs aren't the same, they're completely different. A few tips though to avoid another bad trip:
    1. Do it with at least 1 other friend who's not a dick/fag.

    2. Research and know the effects of shrooms so that you know what to expect when it hits you. I suggest you read this: Erowid Psychoactive Vaults : The Psychedelic Experience FAQ v1.1
    This is the best, most optimal and descriptive guide I have ever found. It's extremely informational and helpful. Read all of it, trust me.

    3. Don't feel obligated to take a higher dose than you feel comfortable with; the words of Erowid: "Dosage should be aimed low; after all, you can always increase the dosage next time if you aim too low, but you can't decrease a bad trip."

    4. Bad trips are usually caused by the ego struggling with the drug's effects and attempting to cling onto reality. Just go with the flow and let the shrooms do its work. You have friends to spot you and keep you from doing anything stupid, so you don't need to try to hold on to reality. Just RELAX. Relaxing is the best thing you can do while tripping cause once you do, your trip becomes really interesting, fun and exciting.

    5. Have fun

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