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  1. I have an opprotunity to take shrooms this weekend with three friends. I wanna know if 1/8 of shrooms will get three ppl messed up? I and two of the others have not tripped on shrooms yet, and i don't wanna waste my time if it wont trip me out...Thnks.
  2. well the pros reconmend that the first time you should only do like a half 8th...but I did like a half 8th + a gram my first time and it worked out fine for me..but my friend had a really really bad trip (but she was drinking alcohol before and after)

    and you know you wont trip the first time really? Youll just feel really really halocinations the first time but its still great...dont drink alcohol with your trip although I allways do but maybe the first time just dont because it can go really bad

    have fun and enjoy yourself...go outside explore nature :D
  3. thanks for the input guys... you sure i won't see some cool shit my first trip? I have read stories of first trips on shrooms and they get hit pretty hard and it always seems to be the best the first time...yeah, i know not to mix booze and rec. drugs. thanks for the heads up though...
  4. well I could like feel the warmth of the neon lights on my skin my first time lol...but I didn't see trolls jump out of bushes and still was fun as hell hahahahaha
  5. cool, thanks, sounds like a good time. One last question, i know what to aviod, like thinking and worrying, and what to do like look at patterns and such, but does smoking a lot of weed before or after or during help at all or change/alter the affect???
  6. whoops. forgot long should i expect to "trip"???
  7. For me, it takes half an hour to kick in, then I trip for like 3-4 hours and then slowly come off of them. After effects for a few hours after that, you're not really trippin but you're not sober.
  8. i havent tripped before but from what ive heard, iw ouldnt expect you to trip to hard off an 8th between 3 people
  9. Smoking is a necessity while tripping. It calms you down and takes the trip to a whole new level (I hallucinated stronger after smoking).

  10. If you're american please tell me you're not gonna vote in the next elections- we don't want bush in... heh...
  11. it really depends on the shrooms, you could get some really good ones like I did last time where I tripped hard for a good 8+ hrs off 2 grams... also, smoking weed will really enhance your trip and make it last longer.
  12. Depends on the person. I take 5+ grams for a standard trip. A gram or so would do almost nothing for me.
  13. You should trip on your first time, i don't see why not. The first time i took them i tripped better than the seconde time
  14. a 1/4 between 3 people can work very well
  15. news: apparantly we're getting much more than 1/8, sounds like maybe even almost a full 1/2oz. And another friend has joined the group, so 4 ppl now....any comments??

  16. holy shit luke you have a lot of posts now lol

  17. If you get a 1/2oz, split it up evenly between you four so everyone eats a 1/8th. Enjoy, group tripping is the best cuz everyone is on the same level(fucked up) haha. You can have some crazy conversations on shrooms.

    Last time I did shrooms with a friend we talked for like half an hour about how fucked up it is that moquitos live off of blood. haha good times.

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