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  1. my friend is gonna buy some shrooms off a website, but we dont know which ones are best... can anyone give me a good website, and a specific shroom type to buy?

    also, how much weight do mushrooms loose when you dry them out? is there a percent or ratio i can use?
  2. I am partial to cubensis shrooms
  3. okay, assholes (they really are) over at shroomery are tellin me buying them off those websites is illegal if your getting them shipped in the USA... wtf? i thought it was legal if they were fresh?
  4. that is only in england.
  5. Fresh mushrooms still have psilocybin in them, so yes, they are illegal. I think the only legal part of shrooms is the spores.
  6. hmm i was wonderin this same thing, and the website i'm orderin em from is located in kansas......

    edit: the shrooms i'm gettin aint cubensis, there fly agaric, the site got all kinda shit u can order, its pretty sweet

    thats where i'm gettin some shit from, not sure if i was allowed to post that link but it doesnt sell pipes or nethin, so i dunno.
  7. why would you order shrooms off the internet, i dont get it
  8. well, stropharia cubensis is the most popular,,
  9. Yeah, they're only legal fresh in England. And then its only for research purposes for people making spore prints and what not.

    Mushrooms loose approximately 90% of their weight when they dry. So if you wanted to have a trip equivilant to that of 3.5 grams dry, you'd have to eat approximately 35 grams wet. I guess now is the time to learn how much you like the taste of shrooms, eh?

    I've heard Mexican cubensis are pretty gnarly as far as the trip goes. My friend ate 1.5 grams dry of them, and he said it was a more intense trip that 6+ grams of other mushrooms. Equadorians are supposed to be a nice visual trip too.
  10. batches from the same strain vary in potency.. and the way in which they were germinated, if they were contaminated etc
  11. spores are like seeds? am i right?
  12. they would be the equivilant of, same in kind,,,

  13. no

    spores are the fungus i think
  14. Spores are the fungus version of seeds.
  15. so, you can legally buy the spores to grow psychoactive mushrooms in the US?

  16. If they were contaminated? I don't know about you, but every shroom grower I've spoken to tosses out the contams. Otherwise you'll eat em and...die.

    And Grassroots, you are correct. You can purchase the spores via spore prints and syringes to grow mushrooms for mycology research purposes. That is what you'd want them for, right? ;)

  17. Ya, cuz its the psilocybin thats illegal, not the mushroom itself. But the mushrooms conatin the psilocybin so it makes them illegal too. ya, grow your own mushrooms. Thats what Ill be doing when I move out.

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