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  1. my friend just gave me an 8th, i paid $45 for it, i know WAY overpriced but he told me $40 originally and theyre around $35/8th here so it wasnt that bad, and i gave him 40 and when i went to get it just now he said it was actually $45 so i owed him another $5.

    but anyway, ive never done shrooms before or even seen them, so does this look like an 8th?
    also my friend and i each put in $20 so we're each going to take a 16th, hopefully that'll be enough, all the guys ive talked to said to take an 8th but all the girls ive talked to said to take a 16th, anyway im a girl but my friend is a guy but we're both lightweights with like weed and alcohol and stuff and its our first time doing any hallucinogen other than salvia.


    really shitty quality i know, i took the pic with my cell
  2. yeah prolly an 1/8 but ya cant tell from just looking. if you never done them before split them in half each half should be a good starter dose. personally i use 4-6 grms of high quality cubes as a start, but i am a hardhead to pyshedelics, not by choice by nature :-(
  3. Take a sixteenth your first time, it will be a great time. That looks like an eighth to me.
  4. theres like 2 small caps in there but its mostly stems, does it matter at all if its stems or caps?

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