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  1. Hi Peeps,
    Forgive me if this sounds a stupid question but I know no better.
    Are shrooms legal in Holland? Could someone get a cup of shroom tea if they came over to Holland like they do a joint?
  2. no questions are stupid, I don't know if they are eather. superjoint would know. and welcome to the board.
  3. He frog welcome to the board,

    shroom tea is as legal as eating cookies in your own bakcyard! lot of shrooms hops also in amsterdam!


  4. I never knew that either,....SWEETNESS I'll be getting some shrooms when I go for SURE! Can you just buy them plain tho...?
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  5. Thanks guys, nice to have a warm welcome :)
  6. yea when it comes to shrooms in Amsterdam, you just have to go to these stores (the stored itself look like fungus), but don't beileive everything they tell ya... I went over in December, got shrooms and they tried to convience us to eat 30grams.... screw that... a couple grams is all you need... I recomend the jamaican ones... Thoses one are pretty powerfull with visual... all so sweet.. ;)
  7. 30GRAMS!!! they tryin to kill ya? I'll make sure I look in to it when I go...
  8. Hehe...I take it they meant 30g's of fresh cubensis, which would be an average type of dose.

    If they meant 30g's of dried (or even fresh for that matter) liberty-caps, Azures or similar I would won't need a plane to get home in...after you had taken them your arse would be launched into a high orbit then straight on and turn around by the sun...take a quick tour of the Milky-Way then come crashing your arse down through the roof of your local Emergency room...LOL :D

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  9. yea 30g's, I thought it was a bit much, when I wen't I only got 2g's and I was flying, then about 3 weeks later my friends went and buddy told them to eat 30g's couldn't get over it... they only ate like 10g's between the 2 of them and they were "off there tits", so I wouldn't beleive everything they tell you in the shrooms shops, take what you think is right amount... ;)
  10. :D

    I feel sorry for those ignorant tourists who listen to the people telling them to eaet 30g.. that'd be a wee-bit insane i'd think ;P
  11. Heh...Their trip to dam would certainly be a memorable experience! :cool:
  12. Well there not dead so..... all is good.
  13. yeah...mmmm...'dehydrated' is the way to go :)

    'Shrooms' and 'drying' in the same sentance in the yUK, tend to conjure up images of another type of 'sentance' with bars at the window...sorry...ultr-paranoid, freaked out mode today...
  14. I've always taken them dry, I just prefer them, mind you they're hard to swallow, but they their worth the trip don't you think? :D
  15. Trust me, after a while the taste grows on ya :D

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