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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by travo420, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. ok so up the road from my crib there is a house with a field with cows in it and one of my friends told me that she used to go to farms at like 4 in the morning or sum shit and flip cow pies and there were shrooms underneath them? is this true and is it the season? is there a season im clueless and want to trip lol please help
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    I'd suggest you dont try any mushrooms you find under a cow pie unless you know exactly what to look for and have a field guide on you. There are tons of species of mushrooms that look alike and can be deadly if ingested. Your best bet is to put down $25 and buy an eigth.

    Edit: If you want, go to www.shroomery.org and you can do some research of psychedelic species in your area and learn what to look for and how to test them.
  3. no! don't eat any mushrooms you find growing on cow shit or anywhere else, unless you want to take a trip to the hospital

  4. Here is your post in English.

    So, I heard that there is a farm up the road from my house that has mushrooms growing. There are cows at the farm, and one of my friends told me he saw mushrooms growing out of the feces. Are these the mushrooms that contain psycobilin? Is this the season for them to grow? I want to trip, please help! Thanks!

  5. Fixing grammar on these forums is rather pointless. Most people are baked out of their minds and don't really have great control over what they want to say. I know personally, looking back on posts I wrote when I was high, they are very poorly constructed.
  6. While there is a very good chance there are psilocybin containing mushrooms in this cow field, it would be highly irresponsible and stupid. Many poisonous mushrooms also grow out of cow shit which can make you extremely sick and even be fatal.

    You should change your attitude towards psychadelics. Don't use them just to "trip balls" use them as a form of self exploration and go into your trip hoping to gain something out of it, and I will guaruntee you will have a far better time and actually gain something from your experience.

    I would say your best bet, for now, would be to just buy some. You can get an eighth from around 25-35$ and assuming it would be your first time, I would reccomend starting with half of that, just to get a feel for it. If you do indeed enjoy it and still want to dedicate your time to collect your own you have two Options:

    Option 1: You can easily grow your own mushrooms. I will not go in depth about how to go about doing this as there are plenty of guides out there with all you need to know. This is fairly inexpensive and usually yeilds some decent quality shrooms. You will need spore prints which are cheap and unless you live in California it is legal to purchase online. I would reccomend this option over #2.

    Option 2: This option is to go out and collect them yourself. Be warned if you do this without a good education about mushrooms you can get very sick and possibly die. For this a field guide is a must. Yes, most psilocybin containing mushrooms are found growing in cow shit, so a cow field would be your best bet. It is always a good practice to get the land owners consent, tell him you are collecting wild mushrooms for a school project. If you do collect mushrooms this way it is best to eat a small amount, very small, and see how your body reacts.

    Once again when dealing with any drug, especially psychadelics, education and trip preparation is a must. There are many web pages that will help you answer any questions you may have about shrooms. The two I find most helpful are:
    Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) Demystified
  7. i almost resorted to doing this.....then my best friends got a QP of 2 different kinds of shrooms.....theyre bomb!!
  8. ^^. My 420th post!:D
  9. same!
  10. i actually know people who have said that they have ate shrooms straight off the shit lol...said they tasted pretty bad but it was his best trip hes ever had from boomers...but then again I can only go on his word cuz i wasnt there
  11. cow shit shrooms are legit, some of them. I live in a small town in PA lotsa cows on farms about 15 minutes out. I know a few have picked them successfully. But then again theres always the one who got his stomach pumped. Know what you are eatin dont just pick em and hope for the best.
  12. just grow them yourself
  13. i have taken shrooms before and loved it best night of my life... well i want to look for some because i dont have any connects down here in florida because i just moved down here. and to whoever corrected my post can suck a dick...
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