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  1. i no shit like ecstasy messes you up...but what about shrooms?..adn if so...are they worth it?
  2. Heheheh oh yea, I love shrooms!
  3. From what I hear...shrooms won\'t do that much damage. I\'ve been meaning to at least do that shit once... I heard it more extreme in terms of effects then weed. They say you can\'t stop laughing and it might be hard to control unlike weed. If you do it, everyday though, they\'ll fuck you up. So its more of a special occasion type drug.

    Check out this site for anymore info about drugs:
  4. im tryin to get a quat of shrooms for the weekend for me and 3 friends :-D to awnser ur question they are i dont know if anyone would take shrooms everyday
  5. of course some people will try and do it everyday...everything in that\'s good in the world will be abused
  6. some people say they actually have less of a desire to take shrooms right after theyve done it..ive never eaten any mushrooms so i wouldnt know
  7. who the fuck tries to trip out on shrooms every day? and yeah do shrooms at least once man. they\'re great

  8. exactly
  9. What about acid? How bad is that shit for ya
  10. acid is pretty bad, but ive eaten enough to supply a small village and im alrite :) shrooms are more of a spirtual thing. never made me feel dirty like after eatin cid. i can tell ya that from cultivating shrooms, and after trippin, it was even hard to even tend to my shroom grows after everything wore off. you really dont have a desire to do them again anythime soon or even look at them. if you do them, be sure you are at peace with yourself. they are def somethin you dont want to try if your girl broke up with you, relative die, loose your job etc... it really really really amplify your dilema and will literally make you loose it
  11. this kid had some shrooms in the morning before school today, and someone said in 3rd period he was leaning out the window (3rd floor) and they were like \"NONONOO\" but he\'s just like \"i was just making sure the school wasnt sinking...\"

  12. Sounds like he was looking out for all of you.
  13. I\"ve never eaten but a few years ago i went with some friends to a forrest near Guadalajara, Mexico looking for some shrooms. I looked around but after 1/2 hour or so, got bored and started with the beer with another friend, about 4 hours later we were missing two stupid mushroom-heads that got sooo fucking intoxicated that they were crawling around and around a tree, all messed up with mud and cow shit !!!
    they strated talkin crazy shit and laughing about every fuckin stupid thing, we got worried at first, but they were ok, so we just sit down, had another beer and ...enjoyed the show...jejejeje

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