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  1. my dealer always try to pawn shit off on me cuz he knows i always got the money for it and i guess he got ahold of some shrooms and i dont really kno the details, anyway he wants to sell me something that would equal an eighth in quantity of high grade weed, so not that much for $50, does this sound right, also ive never done, seen or researched shrooms so any pics or info would be nice, i wouldnt even bother with this but he needs the money and ive always wanted to try shrooms so ill buy it if its worth it
  2. $50?!?!? well i'm not sure if thats alot for an eighth of shrooms where you live... but around here, i can get an 8th for 25-30
  3. should do shrooms cuz there awsome, but 50 for an eighth is shiiiittt!!! i buy my shrooms for 30 an eith and thats high, you shoudl be bale to get them for 25 for 3.5 dont do that..dind them from someone else..thats shit.peace
  4. shrooms are cheaper than weed. always. go by that.

    normally, shrooms = 5$ a gram, weed = 10$ a gram.
  5. thats not alwyas true it depends what time of year it is and stuff, but if youv go ta phat hook up they shoudl be cheaper, they grow eaier and quiker(although youhave to knwo what yoru doing) and they grow ulot at a time. peace
  6. aight thanks i figged hed try to screw me on this, he knows i kno nothin bout shrooms, dont u hate it how the shady people always have the best bud, i would prefer not to deal wit the kid at all but hes got damn good shit. . . . as seen here

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  7. Gotrees; go for the shrooms but try and get them for less.

    Me and some friends are trying shrooms next weekend, we've had truffles before but not acutal mushrooms, we are getting 90 grams between 6 of us, £45 for it.

    We were thinking of candyflipping too.
  8. ya shrooms are 30 and eighth around here so tell him u know hes tryin to rip u off
  9. def. trying to rip you off bro... i can get 1/8++ for 25-30 like mm 4.5 grams
  10. JESUS!
    $50 per 8th for shrooms?! thats a ripoff unless theyre potent enough for 1 cap to fuck up a fatty like me for a long ass time.
    I get awesome cubensis ( i cant fucking spell) for $20 per 8th.
  11. Try to get a lower price on the shrooms. If he won't go for it, he may come back later for your deal (after he tried to pawn it on someone else). But if you're desparate, and he won't go lower... go ahead and get em I guess
  12. If he won't go lower, just get the bud. I've seen some shady bags come from people who "needed the money", and I'd say go through someone else if you can...if not, take your chances on either but make sure he weighs it all out on a digital scale in front of you.
  13. mushrooms around here if they are around are $35 an 8th

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