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  1. Have any of you regular growers tried growing shrooms? I've seen a couple of pop-up ads for some shroom sites and the old noggin got to thinking about how hard it would be to grow shrooms. Any pointers in the right direction on shroom supplies and grow sites would be appreciated.
  2. yes, i have had luck in the past. it is an easy, quick turn around project. be careful of sites, they canbe misleading. promise one thing and you get another. once you find good spores all you need is some cowshit. find a field that regularly produces al' natural' and use that shit. a little stinky, but it gives best results. large fish tank and dark black sheet. good luck !!
  3. too much work.. all you need is vermiculite and brown rice flour and spores which you can get from here's a really good guide
  4. Bump!

    I saw some ads for grow kits where all you do is add water and shrooms start sprouting up in a couple of weeks. I was wondering if anybody has tried that yet and how do htese ready-to-grow-kits work.

    Also, can you go out into a pasture and innoculate a cow patty with shroom spores and grow them that way?

  5. Grow kits are expensive! Use the tek manual, you can put together everything for pretty cheap. I don't live near cowshit, but that sounds like nasty work to me, and I think u have to sterilize it, which is probably a godawful smell. Shrooms are real easy to grow, much more so than bud, with a quicker turnaround.
  6. I read a good post at about grow kits. Way too expensive compared to common teks. just as easy to make your own and go that way. Now, I need to decide if I really want to do it and grow 4 or 5 ounces of shrooms.
  7. here in H-towwn you just get as close to the gulf as you can, look in the cow fields, and pick away. simple as that. ive been lucky and found a few but if you go to the hot spots you can pick a few garbage bags full.

  8. Damn.. you'd be rich if you brought that over to the east coast. They're hard as shit to get and thus go for about 40 an 1/8 ounce.
  9. Yes ....tried the shroom grow before myself...the key seemed to be in the quality of the spores....environment control is nothing to we cannabis growers....simple cow manure(fresh the best friend was seemingly the master at this,, according to his view,,kits were not worthy. I of course took care of the cannabis production..but now you just made this "'ol noggin "think hmmm..I think I'll look up my friend next week when I go to the Cities...Time to pick his brain again,,and update my own..

  10. shrooms are plentiful out here. almost endless supply just gotta know which cow fields to go to. some people i met said they take a couple of garbage bags and just fill em up thats crazy.
  11. Yup! me and a couple buddies know all the places around here, in BC, last year we got 12LBS

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