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  1. I got a buddy that knows this guy that makes shroom chocolates that you can buy 2 for 20 and they are made out of an ice cream tray or w/e im sure most of you know the technique. Anyways i know a lot of people that swear by this dudes shrooms and you can only get them 1 time a week every week... so im thinking about buying them. Any suggestions?
    My friend said only take half of one or ill be too fucked up.
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    Make sure you know which kind of shrooms are in there, and what the dose is.
    Assuming it is the average dose per chocolate, you might want to take half of one if it's you first time tripping. Depending on the type of shrooms, a full dose can be a bit much for a first timer.

    I'd buy them. I don't really like the taste of dried shrooms, so i always take them with something that tastes better. They're probably much easier to down in chocolate form.
  3. that sounds great :p what kind of trip shoul di expect?
  4. expect intense visuals, intense thoughts, some mindfuck, and a great experience that you will never forget. My 1st time was my best, took an eigth and have never had a trip as beautiful and perfect as the 1st.

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