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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lar20, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. yeah well i was thinkin of tryin shrooms but are they like bad for you? i heard a lot of stuff like i heard they can give you a heart attack if you eat 2 much and i also heard about some crazy trips friends have had like 1 said he ate them and he sat in the corner crying cus he thought he saw monsters comin out the walls lol so is it like bad or is it about as safe as weed :p
  2. I do realize the search button is an aggravating thing to click, but theres a thread like 6 down from this with SHROOMS in the title
  3. your dumb you know if you checked them you would see they are either about dosage or how the trip is i havent seen one about how safe they are
  4. please don't call people dumb when you are the one asking questions about shrooms in a marijuana forum....even if you did come to the city there is a place to other drug posts, which is in Pandora's Box.

    a great place to find information on ANY drug you want is
    Here is the MUSHROOMS section of the site

    Hope you enjoy the boomers
  5. Erowid has all you need to know. And they arent bad for you at all, they are def good for you
  6. Don't fall into the scare-monger tactics.

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