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  1. OK I havnt tryed them yet but I'm 95% sure I am in Saterday. So can some of you that have tryed them or do them a lot tell me like things I should be carfull of. Also, is it true that the next day you dont remember anything? LIke cant answer anyquestions? and also, is it true you see new colors? I hope so lol :eek:

  2. i was just going to link you to erowid, but i gotta comment on that cant ansewr any questions bit. thats just stupid. its hard to remember your trip sometimes, but you dont get stupid the day after. has all the info you need.
  3. lol shrooms are THE BEST.....Its like you're tripping fuckin balls okay?BUT you have the giggles like a bitch, its so much fun, it feels like yur melting into the creases of the crack....You do see new colors kinda, like patterns in front of your eyes(I saw weed leafs....But make sure you just dont stay in one room, it sucks....But its so funny lol we were watching Alli and wonder land, omg I knew the whole movie...You arent stupid the next day tho.....I was just kinda like wtf was I doing last night.
  4. Yah, dont except to see shit pop out of the Tv and start dancing....I mean I was watching the disney channel and little mermaid came on, it was like looking through a window in the TV, everything was 3d it was pretty cool...The only thing I hate is that you sometimes wanna fall asleep, but you cant, its sooo hard to...Your body is soo tired if yout ake them at night and you cant fall asleep....

    Also, I dont know but the first time I took them, it took me like 3 days to come back to reality because when you experience something like that chemicals in your body are like unbalanced, so for like the nexy 3 days after you might feel a little bit disorientated(weired out)...Make sure your with people you like, or its no fun....Dont eat either.
  5. Krypto what do you mean dont eat? Will it get us sick or something? And I should smoke a little after eating them right?
  6. dont eat before you take them because if youre running on an empty stomach, your trip will come on quicker and a bit more intense. if you gotta eat, eat light. fruit and veggies.
  7. Get the "I'm gunna be sick" out of your head....clear your mind and then just take them....I ususally dont smoke when I just eat them becaquse I like to see when my trip kicks in...If you do feel like you're gunna get sick...Get your mind off it as soon as possible......I mean I have prolly the most sensitive stomache in the city and I do get kinda sick when they kick in, but then it fades away and I start to just stare at the ceiling and watch it drip~~...I also chewed like 7grams of dried shr00ms and took 3 shots of tequila, which was a little bit more intense but for now I would just do the regular dose for first time.
  8. Oh and also with the "cant answer any questions" statement could be true kinda but not to the most dumbest kid extent....I mean when I woke up the next morning I was like "That was fuckin amazing!!!!!" and people asked me what it was like and it was hard to describe but now that I look back upon it, its a fun experience and enjoy yourself bro...
  9. never had em..but i will sometime eventually i think :)
  10. "Its like you're tripping fuckin balls okay?"

    heheh did anyone else read that "okay" as though it were said by Dennis Leary? I think he does that a lot in the No Cure for Cancer show.. says somethin then real quick he's like 'OKAY?!!?" yeahyeah you gotta hear it to know what I'm talkin about..
  11. Lol....Yah I know what you mean=DI was just really hyper at that point and just got done from running around lol.
  12. are you eating chocolate bars? if should eat atleast 2 of them. because you never know how much in actually in one of those bars. if you can....try to get some caps and stems.

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