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  1. i was just wonderin what time of the year is the best time to go look for wild grown shrooms? do they just grow rite out of cow shit? n e suggestions?
  2. in the uk its september time onward. can b a bit sooner but they dont tend to b v gud mushies, mayb thats just me tho.
  3. here in fla i been picking them for alittle over a mounth and can get them till about oct or november depending on the weather!

    where are you located?

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  4. mushy mushy mushy, can't u see,
    sometimes your spores just Hipnotise me,
    but i just hate your shitty taste....

    lol, just singin my mush song...


    depending on where u live and how wet its been...
    i live in on the west coast of Canada and we get much around me like 5 mounths outta the year..

    so ya its all about weather,
    spring, later summer, fall, are the main times,
    and by wild mush do u mean field mush or like wilderness mush?

    becareful with wilderness mush a lot of deathcaps look the same as non deathcaps for them,

    fieldmush are easier to tell apart...
  5. here in the east coast we have lots of rain so we're gettin lots of shrooms everywhere. I gotta go to the cow pasture to hunt soon. you should go hunting right after rain and always remember to check to see if the stem brusies blue, never eat the shrooms in the field go back home and compare them to some pics do all that and you should be fine.

  6. i doubt that would work you'd be better off hunting for the shrooms.
  7. got to have spores to get shrooms to grow!

  8. once you know what you are looking for will be fine eating them as you pick them....but if it is your first time deffinitly make shure you know what you are eating ....missidentifycation can mean death!

    it is best to find someone who has already picked and eaten there own and have them help you identify what you are picking......

    and if you are bringing them home to identify ...dont handle them to much...them will turn to mush if you play with tem alot...and become unidentifyable!
  9. mush grow best not in the sun, but with a cold light...

    dim bluish whitish light,

    u get way more spores with cold light growing, then sunlight growing... but whatever tickles ur fancy... :D

    Later all,


  10. Do you know what type those are? I've gotten the same kind as those before i htink they were Blue-Foot Psilocybe r those the same?
  11. look, I live in Florida, and I have a pasture in my city that is like the epicenter for shrooms, every sunday early in the mornin, friends will go out to the "SPOT" and see people with garbage bags full!
  12. are physcedlic shrooms found in the nature in massachusetts or the northeast? or are we too far north?

  13. they are p. cubensis....the good kind

    alot of people call them purple ringers becouse of the obvous ring arround the stem...

    also if you want to know what grows where check this....

  14. I think that you probably could find certian types easly because I live in canada and i can still find them up here. Mostly Liberty Caps (Psilocybe semilanceata)

    and also on occaision i have picked Psilocybe Caerulipes

    but you shouldn't have much trouble with being too far north.
  15. i agree they grow most every where one kind or another ...just read alot first and be positive on the id .....

    we dont need dead blades....
  16. since i dont know what to look for i grow my own

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  17. NO way! Thats awsome. I was looking into that last night and it seems easy, you grow on a homemade vermaculite and rice mix. They dont need alot of ventilation at all.

    I think you should make a new thread with links. Then post it in indoor growing for growing shrooms. It isnt growing weed but its someting most growers have most likley thought abou. See what the respone it makes.

    The only problem is if you get busted by the feds its like a class III or someshit. Your charged like a coke dealer for sentencing. Wich i really shouldnt be saying is worse then growing weed because im planing on being well over the manditory minimum sentence for next years grow. But then after that im all out of the OGer buisness and taking it indoors once i get an apartment or something. All i can say is homemade Omega :D.
  18. maybe we should, i got many more pics and will share my expertise and spores. laterz!

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  19. i am seriously considering creating a small batch for personal use...

    i have assesse to all the wild spors i could use...

    and i wouldent need to grow alot...
  20. The world will never know .. Grow baby grow! :D Thanks NaughtyDread


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