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  1. i live in a place where shrooms are 10 dollars a gram. i had shrooms once and it was my first time, about 1.5 and nothing really happened. i felt rele high, but i also smoked weed before i ate the shrooms. there was a line of evergreen trees, and the branches made it look like there were 4 giant indians standing there, but it was also night time,so that probobly changed my perseption.

    now the real point of this post. i spent 30 dollars on the shrooms for me and 2 other friends. it was basicically a waste of money. i rele wanted to grow them, but decided not to. i own 8 acres of woods, and i thought that i could pick my own shrooms. i did a lot of research and i wanted to know wat magic mushrooms look like. last week i saw some mushrooms growing on my lawn, and they werent the kind my mom said were poisonous, when i was a kid. i just left em alone but i went back a few days after and they were dead, and dry. they were black, but they could of also been dark blue, i couldnt tell. i picked them up and examined them. then i left them to rot and went back up to my house. i smelt an odor, it came from the fingers i touched the shrooms with. it smelt EXACTLY like the shrooms i had when i saw the indians. that smell gave me a boost in confidence that my idea would work. ppl were telling me at school that i would eat a bad one and die.. i went down to my lawn today and saw some more shrooms. i saw a group of white shrooms, and they looked alot like death caps i saw on the internet. they were also pussing yellow liquids and didnt smell like the shrooms i had last time.

    shrooms are expensive in my area so i think i could probobly find shrooms in my woods and lawn, identify them on the internet, and just do a lot of tests and research before i trust them. they grow naturally so i meen its not like its a stupid idea, eating random mushrooms is a stupid idea. its not like i can accidentally eat it and be like "oh no i didnt find out if it was magic yet!"... i would take all the precautions.

    if anybody knows a lot about magic mushrooms can you answer me some questions, and even identify some mushrooms that i post on this topic ?

    Does that odor magic mushrooms have only smell on shrooms, or does it also smell on poisonous ones. i want to know so i can identify poison ones from real shrooms.

    Do you think this is an ok idea if i identify the mushrooms as a magic mushroom 100 percent before eating it?
  2. 10/g isn't expensive at all, I've got people selling half eighths for 30 here.
  3. yah i know thats fine, but im seriously like a permenent light weight when it comes to weed. ive been smoking for almost 2 years and i can get completely ripped of .5 grams. i dont want to spend 25 dollars to get a decent trip on shrooms, that bs to me.
  4. what i ment was, i am used to not spending a lot of money on weed. so lets say even if i wasnt a perma light, shrooms would still be twice as expensive cuz 1.5 grams of weed could get you pretty high right? but with shrooms its more like 2.5-3. but adding to the fact that i only need half the average amount to get high, thats like 5 times as expensive buddy.
  5. Umm... I've tripped plenty hard off of a half eighth of shrooms.
  6. Heres an idea!
    Spend $30 on 3 grams, you will trip HARD
    don't pay $20 for your friends to trip, make them pay for it themselves.
  7. ^^ I second that last thing...

    And dude a half eighter will get you trippin balllls if it's good shrooms. Trust me. :smoke:
  8. FAIL. dont just start picking mushrooms and trying to identify them based on their odor. That is completely retarded. Im not 100% positive but I dont think any actives grow in the Toronto area. Most of your actives in the the southern part of the US and the Pacific Northwest. Although you can sometimes find some stuff in places in the midwest.

    I dont know how good your math is, but you say you spent 30$ at 10/g meaning you split 3g between 3 people. You took 1.5g leaving each of your friends .7g each. I bet its more realistic that you each ate 1g, which would explain why you had a very mild trip.

    Next time buy yourself an 8th and make your friends cough up their own money for drugs.

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