Shrooms without sitter First time

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CT Burnin, May 29, 2009.

  1. Its feeling light but Im not sure anything about it Should I eat more?
  2. Like the cycles How long into it will it really start to hit me is kind of what Im asking
  3. You should peak about an hour 1/4 to an hour and a 1/2 after you eat it.

  4. Sup man, I am shrooming tonight to. Let's keep eachother company.

    IM: Stubbsicle
  5. Its been an hour an 15 minutes exactly And it is like mild to what I think I have no clue Should I take more Would it be bad if I did?
  6. take more! do it :)
  7. remember if you take to much theres nothing you can do xD
  8. Im doing it :hello: Im gonna take .8 more so 2.7 total Cheer me on :hello: :D and Im smoking :smoke:
  9. This is how intense it will be. Eat more if you want, but not a whole lot. I'd say eat another 2 and you're trip will be nice.

    Edit: eat more then .8, that's like eating another .4 at the start of your trip, by now they wont effect you as much ast they normally would.
  10. I lowered it to a .5 Its anice cap and it was about a 2 inch stem till i broke it now its 2/3 of an inceh
  11. mmm. eat a gram if you want the effects of .5
    actually, do what u wanna do.
  12. Should I just eat another .5 now and make it 3? Should I eat another cap or full mushroom
  13. Eh, how powerful does it feel?
  14. It feels good but Im not seeing much Its just like enhanced it a little like every detail I might just take another gram and make it an eigth
  15. Just one reply and Im doing it Does anyone thing its good idea or bad I know theres a chance but fuck it Everyone has to gamble and Im feeling lucky :D Hahahah Lmao
  16. :cool: I took another gram So lets see how it turns out :cool: :) And Im gonna smoke a small bowl now and bowls every 15 minutes apart :smoke:
  17. Haha, good vibes for you. You should be feeling it.
  18. Awesome!
    I'd chill out on the smoking untill you start to come up.
  19. Thats an eigth all together Good vibes your way too

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