Shrooms without sitter First time

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CT Burnin, May 29, 2009.

  1. hey man i think u should do an 8th things get really interesting for me then
    i dont like that trip sitter thing it just makes the experiance alot more boring if there not tripping also:wave:
  2. Not as well. Get some Orange juice. get little juice in your mout, pop in a shroom, chew it up, swallow and rinse with more juice. It masks the taste really well.
  3. Sounds good Tht what I was going to rinse it down with I just didnt know if chewing it makes a difference Lol
  4. Yeah it'll hit you faster and you won't get (as) nausious
  5. Make sure you have some perfect music on hand, because when you get the urge to listen to a certain song you are going to HAVE to listen to that song.
  6. Haha Like I said Lol Im not even leaving my bed or my couch Lol I have everything ready About to go get the oarnge juice in a few minutes Cant wait I will be posting through out this thread all night...if I can Haha
  7. Sounds good, sounds good. I just talked to a buddy, and it looks like ill be getting some mushies myself some time next week. :D I can't fucking wait, this time i plan on doing a full trip report with some deep introspection. Its gonna be a good day :hello:
  8. Ahh I have no oarnge Juce That is a must get for next time Im just going to chew them down now with pink lemonade
  9. Just swallowed down
  10. Ive eaten 4grams of shrooms and bugged out into other worlds...8grams i cant even imagine that, But even then i would never tell a first timer to take that much..

    My first time i ate a chocolate; shaped like a double stacked reeses...barely did anything but it gave me the idea of what a heavy trip would be like..

    But yea go for it eat those boomers, play some music, put on a movie, whatever can keep your mind busy for a few hours..:smoke:
  11. Smoking a few bowls and waiting
  12. hey bro the first time i did mushrooms i ate like almost a quarter by accident and I was alone in my room for most of the time. i had a fucking great time overall...though sometimes it felt like hours of terror...but it was good for me
  13. I do have a picture of 10 grams of them from the first ounce I picked up in my pick up thread Then I picked up two ounces after which this is from and have an ounce and a quarter left I was weighing everything earlier
  14. Its been 53 minutes I am feeling nice I also smoked .4 of some amazing bud also in my pickup thread I am slowly starting to feel it more and more It feels gooood

  15. weed makes your trip so much better. you should smoke a bowl at all stages of the trip. atleast i would, but if you get too scared of it, then don't.
  16. Weed will make the trip more intense, but make you more mellow and more able to chill.
  17. I really am probably going to do that Like tonight is jut one of those nights we all have where we just want it to be good Haha
  18. My vibes are going your way. Im off for a few hours to nod the fuck out, ill post back if you're still on.

  19. yeah dude.

    have fun.
  20. How long is the time phrame cycles?

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