Shrooms Trip A Beginners Question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SIR_JANE, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Ey everyone to make a long story short me an my homie are gonna get these shrooms..and as you might know ive never done any. I was wondering what are the dos and donts? And about how much does a newbie need to get effect? Thanx in advanced:wave:
  2. Wrong forum.
  3. ^As for the do's and dont's, how about don't post a question about taking shrooms in a forum about growing marijuana.

    I'm sure if you use google you will find great places dedicated to this topic with people knowledgeable on the subject to answer your question.
  4. dont trip with someone who has attendancy to freak out, fall on the floor, and begin to seizure for bout a minute while the new gash in his head is bleeding.

    It scares the shit outta you...
  5. Do it somewhere safe, or in nature. No driving, drinking isnt advised either. Goes well with weed. Set aside a whole day, or get your stuff done in the morning, since you never really know how long it will last.

    Dont take them if something bad just happened, that makes it more likely to lead to a bad trip. "Set and setting" are what Timothy Leary talked about. Be in a happy/good mindset going in, and be somewhere comfortable to you.

    And finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! Have fun. :wave:

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