Shrooms Tomorrow. Advice?

Discussion in 'General' started by blueslip, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. OK. So my friend who doesn't smoke weed but is always up for drinking and shit bought like 8g of shrooms. He's done them before and likes them. He's taking 2g for me and him tomorrow and it's my first time with shrooms. I was thinking of like buying a g tomorrow and smoking it with him because he said he'll smoke weed with me because I'm like the only one he would trust on that shit. So should I buy a g anyways? Is it nice to smoke while doing shrooms or what? Also how much should I eat the first time and what will experiences be like?
  2. I would go with a full eigth if you can to make sure you get a nice trip i've never done anything less. Smoking is nice when you are starting to come up on them but i usually get so fucked up late in the trip i either dont care to smoke or cant function enough to smoke. Its pretty hard to explain what its like you just gotta see for yourself i guess, just make sure you are in a good environment with people you trust.
  3. The best advice I could give is just to pick a good environment and enjoy yourself. The rest will come naturally.

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