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Discussion in 'General' started by dro0id, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. today i found a new respect for nature and life in a mushroom of magic : ) i found a spot where they grow wildy and plenty! first i thot hey man i should pick these and sell them to people so i can get some money for some good weed this week and i dont have a job so i jumped to it picking tons and tons and while picking these magical pieces of heaven i start thinking to myself "hey man these things grow out of THE GROUND" well actually large pieces of cow crap and plus they wernt costing anyone anything these things are natural and it would be wrong to exploit this beautiful thing.

    so i ate a huge fully ripe one after awhile i had a few more. the rest of my day i was floating on air loveing every second! you just cant be a stupid kid and do stupid stuff around these you need to pay close attention to what mushroom your picking and not to eat obsessivly to much and know how much is enuf... if you respect it it will respect you. when i was a kid i had a very small case of ocd i didnt mind it at all but my parents made me take pills and it went away but the shrooms made it come back! this is not a bad thing at all i see it like a little gift befor i would be so messy would just throw trash aside and get to it later now i just organize things and plan my day more.

    tommrow after school im going back to "my spot " and get some more! if it grows out of the ground its okay by me:smoke:

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