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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jomoyo069, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. i picked up an eighth of some shrooms i heard were really good. i paid 35 for em. im also gonna roll a couple blunts up with em tomorow. today was a good stoned day tho. i made 30 bucks hookin some one up (u know wat i mean) .. at work got smoked out a blunt during break.. and smoked a bowl with my boy that sold me the shrooms. he had just drove back from cali and brought some medical back with him, so i got stoned .. shit was good.. ive been smokin mids for the last 2 weeks so that dankness helped me out, u know..

  2. dam the weed looks bad in those pics.. its not really that bad.. just my phone camera quality
  3. i see your from where i live too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hah = )
  4. orlandooooo
  5. truee.. i go to ucf
  6. thats true. find any good hookups there?
  7. yeah tons .. everyone is tryin to sell weed shrooms x anything u need
  8. damn *****. im on the other side of town. Dp area... thats tight tho.
  9. yo.. so fuck that dbag hithere
  10. so this might show that I've never ventured outside of the marijuana realm, but did you say you were going to roll the shrooms into a blunt? I thought you ate shrooms, can you smoke them too?
  11. nah man im gonna roll the weed into a blunt.. u cant smoke shrooms..
  12. does that guy got any cali dank left? = 0
  13. ya.. in jville not in orlando.. he's not sellin it though
  14. ahhh damn haha.
  15. doesnt look like an 8th of shrooms bro, check witha scale, may wanna give ur guy a call =)
  16. it is he weighed it in front of me and i weighed it again when i got back to my house.. its one of my long time friends.. he's never pulled anything with me and ive bought bud from him over 20 times
  17. ah, mabey they are bigger in person, the pictures make it look like 1.8 or like 2 grams.....but your stems and caps look alot plumper then mine did
  18. thats what i thought man, but when i read ^^^ it sounded exactly like you were saying u were gonna smoke them, haha
  19. my bad

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