shrooms or lsd?

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  1. which do you prefer?
  2. So far shrooms I loooooooooove shroomin'.
  3. i prefer acid. i did acid for the first time on saturday, first time ive ever tripped except for ambien. tripped balls and had an amazing time... i did mushrooms for the first time sunday. didnt really trip. got kind of a body high. i guess i need to eat more.. id say acid
  4. acid...the mindfuck isnt nearly as bad, its cheaper, longer lasting, better high, ur stomach doesnt feel shitty (i understand it doesn happen on every shroom trip...but it does happen) acid ftw
  5. Shrooms. They don't last too long and sometimes acid can just drag on too long. For me, acid also leaves me mentally zapped for a day or two.
  6. i want to try both soooooo fucking badly but i cant find any :(
  7. so far lucy all the way. i didnt get to exhausted from lucy after tripping. id be up for a good 18 hours or so get a couple hours of sleep and id be up and ready to go again. and did.

    ive only tried boomers once, but will again. i didnt hallucinate or trip much at all. got a nice little body buzz and colors in smoke and the dark got kinda weird but that was about it. plus had a bad grungy body hangover the next morning, but a cold shower cured that

    as of right now my all time favorite is candy flipping, lucy and molly make a hell of a threesome
  8. DEFINITELY lucy
  9. Can I say definitely both? Is this a plausible answer? If you know your mind is strong and you won't go nutzoid, both is pretty much the supreme being of trips...If you can hang.
  10. I agree

    This FTW!!!! :hello: :hello: :hello:

    Acid and shrooms together is one INCREDIBLE time :hippie:
  11. I think both is a plausible answer.
  12. i tried acid on sterday for the first time too:hello:

    im more of a acid guy, unless you have everything perfectly set up and you haveno bad side effects from shrooms
  13. frying balls on shrooms is better than tripping hard on lsd IMO
  14. Both at the same time.
  15. i absolutely love shrooms but i have terrible diarrhea most times the next day. one time i tried taking a shit while in the middle of my trip and halfway through i had no idea what the hell i was doing! it was so incredibly weird, like everything is on shrooms. but i love them so much, especially at heavy doses (>4 grams)
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    lol i remember it was like 2 weeks into my freshman 2 days before that i got absolutely shitfaced and ended up in the i decided to shroom 2 days after that lol...i remember walking into the dorm bathroom and i sat on the toilet for literally 20 minutes just chillen lol...all my friends who i shroomed with had no idea where i was (we were chillen in my room...and i left for a while lol)...i remember when i walked in i saw a girl RA in the boys bathroom and she was doing the bathroom checks for the night lol...after i said hi to her (i was peaking at this point) i said out loud 'that was wierd"...i thought that i just imagined that or sumthing but found out later that it really happened lol...but ya i was just chillen on the toilet for madd long haha...idk why lol...shrooms i guess

    btw this was the only bad trip ive ever had outta idk like 25-30 trips
  17. Acid, based on personal experience alone.

    I don't think it "drags on too much" at all. I enjoy the ride all the way through.

  18. exactly...i mean if u really like tripping then there is no such thng as it dragging on too much...seriously theres noo reason to pick shrooms when u can buy cheaper drugs that last longer and have a better effect
  19. LSD hands down.
  20. i love acid and mushrooms. i just picked up 2 heady doses for tonight so i gues ima say DOSES!!!

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