Shrooms Or Ecstasy?

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  1. Well I've never done a drug in my entire life. (I don't consider weed or alcohol "Drugs") But tomorrow I have the opportunity to either do Shrooms or E.

    At first me and my friend were just going to roll. But now we have the chance to do shrooms instead. I have ALWAYS wanted to do shrooms or acid. But I have never really wanted to try Ecstasy or ANY other drugs for that matter... It's always kind of scared me. I'm not into pills at all...But when he said we could do shrooms instead I got excited. He said we could get 1/8th for $30. Does that sound right? And is it an eighth per-person? Take the entire eighth at once or...?

    But what would you recommend?

    I hear some people say do Acid before shrooms But I don't know...
  2. You and your boy should throw in some loot. Get 1 E pill and 1 Eighth of shrooms... Then split everything 50/50. You'll have a good time.

    EDIT: You'd prolly wanna try shrooms before acid. It's more mild a trip, and would give you a better idea of what to expect from acid (though not fully)...

    Here's some good info on X, though, in case you wanted to research it a bit before tryin it:
  3. take the shrooms. it should only take a half eigth if they are good. ecs can fuck with you a little more long term. at least shrooms do their job leave you fealing like your life has changed for the better.

    oh yeah, i also recomend doing lsd befor shrooms, but its no biggie.
  4. X isn't as bad as a lot of people think it is. It's been said by several doctors that when used responsibly, it does no more damage to your body than smoking pot, dropping acid, or eating mushrooms. Mushies, imho, aren't that great. You trip for a few hours, then spend almost an equal amount of time where you're not quite tripping, but you can't fall asleep, either... And bad trips do happen at times (depends on the person, setting, etc.)...

    X does have a nasty come-down though - which is why I said to only eat a half pill. That should minimize the come-down, and if it's eaten with a half eighth of mushrooms, would make for one hell of a night :D

  5. I don't have enough money for both :(

    But my buddy said definitely take the full 1/8th. I don't know if they're good or not or whatever. I don't know anything about them.

    These are your best friends. Go. Read. Learn.

    But if you're only eating mushies, eat the whole eighth. Some people will say that 1/2 the eighth is good, but IMO, a half eighth ain't shit. You barely get trails and distortions with that low of a dose... At least if ya eat the whole eighth you'll have a chance at seeing some decent visuals..

    Oh... And if you can find anyone who's eaten the same shrooms you're gonna be getting, talk to them and find out how it was...
  7. Mind expanding drugs> uppers
  8. i'd go with the shrooms just make sure you are in a good environment if you do them
  9. ive dosed more than 10 times and taken shrooms 3 times. if you have hi quality shrooms, taking an eigth for your 1st time may not be a good idea. Id equate a half 8th of GOOD shrooms to 3 hits of GOOD acid. I also know to many people becoming more or less depressed for a week or so after doing X. one of them almost Overdosed on antidepressants the day after.
  10. I find that X is also a mind-expanding drug... When taken with the right attitude...
  11. every drug is mind expanding in my say otherwise is absurd :wave:

  12. I actually agree with this statement.
  13. Everyone is different and is affected by drugs differently, but I'll give my personal experiences. I've done shrooms twice and E once.

    For me, the shrooms made me have some crazy thoughts, but it wasn't all that fun. I tripped balls about stuff and thought life wasn't real, etc. Kinda scary at times too. Looking back on it, it was kind of fun. Like the fun that you get from watching a scary movie, but throw a little depression in with that. I was in pretty good environments. The first time I was with one of my best friends and he was my tripsitter. But I still flipped the fuck out and thought he was the devil and shit haha. I just think personally, my mind/emotional state isn't really meant to handle shrooms or other psychadelics.


    E, on the other hand, is amazing to me. I've only done it once 6 weeks ago, but it's changed my life and I feel like I've been doing it forever. I'm much happier in general and bad shit that happens doesn't really phase me anymore. Not to mention, whenever I smoke now I get just a lil of a roll back and it's fucking amazing. Like EVERYTIME I smoke. It's just permanently like...rolled my mind. I'm fucking permarolled now. And lemme tell you this - it's amazing.

    But yea, like I said in the beginning. Drugs affect everyone differently. So whatever you chose, I hope you have an awesome time. :D
  14. damn thats crazy. you still feel it when you smoke, even if you did it 3 weeks ago? I haven't tried it YET, but I heard smoking after you come down brings you roll back.

    E sounds fun as hell

  15. Haha it was actually 6. And yea, although it's obviously nowhere near as good as the real thing, it's still fucking awesome. Just a great boost to the high. Every single fucking time. :D

    And E is so good that in a weird way, you don't need to really do it that often. I could have easily gotten my hands on some pills and just rolled for reals every since my first time at Tiesto. But I haven't. Why? Cause it's REALLY that good. I said I was only gonna do it again at Nocturnal Wonderland (which is in ONE MORE DAY!!!!) and I've kept my word to myself. I've thought E almost EVERY single day, but that's all it's amounted to. Just thinking - and not actually doing it. Come to think of it, just the thought itself its like good enough to satisfy my 'cravings' for it.

    And there are people in the rave scene who just stop like that. Because they get to a point where they're just done with it. Not because they're burnt out and can't handle any more rollin. It's cause they don't NEED it anymore. They're basically permarolled. Killa_clam said that's what happened to him (something along those lines I believe) and it's happening to one of my best friends who got me into E/raving. I'm sure it'll happen to me too. But until then, I'm still gonna be ROLLIN BALLS! :D

    EDIT: Sorry for Ejacking this thread. It happens a lot whenever my love for E starts coming out and I ramble on and on. :smoke:
  16. both! i love mushrooms, and back in high school i used to eat ecstasy like they were skittles. as much as i love e though, i refuse to take any more unless it's some straight molly.

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