shrooms or acid

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  1. if both isn't an option and your money is limited honestly i would go with shrooms unless you somehow know the acid is good. its harder to fake shrooms and if its the first time you've been able to get either i'd go the safe route.
  2. i went witht he cid and it was ammmmmmmaaaaaaaaaazzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg
  3. good shit what happend? were you trippin balls? haha
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    oh my god i was tripping absolute balls. illusionist has a trip report on the first page of pandoras box but i havnt made mine yet.

    we each got a little more that two hits. i know he accidentally gave me like 2 and a half hits just because he knew my brother since like 2nd grade and he always wants me to trip face for some reason lol.

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