shrooms or acid

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xACExbongzilla, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. its finally here. acid and shrooms in town. now my question is...
  2. Pick up the acid regardless of if you want to do them now, because they are probably more rare than shrooms(at least where I live)
  3. well iv done acid last feb but it was a mild trip. i took one great hit and 1/2 hit off of a questionable batch
  4. Go for the tabs man.

    I wish I could get a hold of some.

  5. yea he said the shrooms arent going anywhere cuz he has a "big fucking bag of it". well thats what illusionist said. plus the acid is 10$ a hit and the 8th is 35$ so it would be cheaper
  6. both are so good but acid
  7. I don't understand why you're asking random people what YOU should do..
    If you feel comfortable doing cid, then do cid, same with shrooms.
    Myself, on the other hand, would pick up both, store the acid for a later date, just so I have it and not have to worry about when it comes back around.
  8. i would have to go with the cid, only if i know it good cid, also its cheaper and a longer high.
  9. i think people who voted for shrooms have never done acid its amazing
  10. Or they just prefer mushrooms...

    I voted mush, it's always been there for me. Lucy in the Sky is just as good though.
  11. id take acid over mushrooms any day. more enjoyable to me
  12. acid is much better...cheaper and better, acid all the way...but shrooms are nice too
  13. Really? He doesn't care about our opinions, he knew what he wanted before he even started this thread.

    But most likely, he got excited and just wanted to talk about it to someone, which is perfectly fine. GO FOR THE CID!
  14. LSD all the way!:yay:
  15. I'm really not an expert on either substance, but shrooms for me, there's something about acid that scares me, idk why.
  16. maybe because the word "acid" scares you and you have a preconceived notion about it.
  17. truth
  18. id love to pick cid but i voted caps because eigth>2hits

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