Shrooms or Acid?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by redsoxted9, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. So, simple question. I'm going to experiment with shrooms and acid for the first time, but which do you recommend trying first?
  2. Shrooms.. About an eighth of shrooms
  3. Shooms I"d only eat a half if it was yoru first time. Wait an hour or two and see how you feel then eat more if you want.
  4. my favorite of the two is shrooms, but I would try acid first, provided you have 12 hours to yourself... I think shrooms are a bit more intense than acid, at higher doses anyways.
  5. Eat an 8th of shrooms or take 2 taps of blotter.
  6. if you do start with shrooms, def stick to a half eighth your first time.
  7. i prefer acid.....all time favorite drug. im just saying that because i never really had an "amazing" shroom trip though
  8. I vote for acid
  9. I also vote acid. Its way more manageable for a 1st trip. Shrooms are always a hectic chaotic intense experience, and acid is more like a nice trip that I enjoy a lot more overall.
  10. idk, i tried mushrooms first a few of my boys tried acid first. they say its less intense but idk man id eat an 8th or take a tab really up to you:smoke:
  11. acid is a great method of popping you're psychedelic cherry.

    so yea i vote DOSE!
  12. I was thinking shrooms first since its half the duration...especially if I had a little less than an eighth. Also, I've done dxm, which I know is completely different, but I do have a little experience with altered perceptions...

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