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Shrooms or Acid?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Misery, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have the opportunity to try acid or shrooms for the first time. Which one would you guys suggest I do first, and why? The acid I can get a hold of very soon today most likely, but shrooms I might have to wait a couple days. From some things I've heard, though, I want to shroom first because I like the idea of being in a dreamy state and seeing lots of weird shapes and vivid colors.

    What do you guys think? Which do you think is better?
  2. i would say shrooms. 2 grams is a perfect dose for your first time. although acids kinda hard to come by. if you take acid 2 or 3 hits unless its high quality. its probably a good idea to have a sitter if you take acid.
  3. I dont have an opinion, i wanted to post cause i have almost the same username as the guy above :D

    but yeh, where exactly are you getting these drugs from? like a friend? the reason i ask is cause im trying to score some here around me and NO ONE has.
  4. ACID by far. no all the speculations of saying it can comeup in a spinal tap, and flashbacks its all BULL. the government has been giving lsd doses since who knows, its actually a very safe chemical in a safe environment of course. LSD> shrooms trip ballllz
  5. The Lsd will be more satisfying..After you do it, you will feel like you have had enough of it for a while (in a good way). The Lsd is more geometric, and the shrooms will be more "flowing" if that makes sense. With both of them, the first time I tried them I felt like something was revealed to me, it is a powerful feeling....Like everyone describes it, intense wonder. Yeah Lsd is safe too.
  6. LSD is more controllable than shrooms.
  7. ^^^agreed. For me, i kinda lead the way on an acid trip, but a moderate-large dose of shrooms just grabs you in the balls and your in for whatever it has planned.
  8. I'm not sure that LSD is more controllable than shrooms. It really all depends on the setting. If it's like a concert, take some acid and dance your face off. I personally like acid more than shrooms, but the length of the trip can cause at least part of it to be a little scary.
  9. Oh man, right now I am tripping fucking hard..,This shit 2ci is insane, I was having a fucking frightening trip, but it was so bueatiful. This shit is better than acid in getting enlightenment, omfg! It felt like a fucking purge of my soul. Can't fucking type anymre.

    EDIT: Bike by Pink Floyd is a funny song about how crazy Syd Barrett was, it is such a great song. It is pretty funny too.
  10. man im so anxious to do some acid already, but im waiting for a good day. I have no idea what im in for even after reading so much. I have a feeling it will change my life
  11. Acid<2ci

  12. I did LSD first, and only, I loved it!!! but I stopped tripping for now :( Deffinately feel my sanity slipping. R.I.P Albert Hofmann:smoking:

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