Shrooms or acid?

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  1. so i know this guy named marky, and he pretty much can get me and my pals what ever we want. so i wanted to know personal experiances and see which one i should do first. plz give me your opinion on what drug to do first , wich one is less intense? :hello:
  2. Shrooms....definetly shrooms.
  3. well ive still done neither yet, but i plan on trying shrooms before cid.
  4. Better? Mushrooms.

    Less intense? Acid.

    Take an 8th of mushrooms and take some bong rips. You will have one of the most profound nights of your existance. You will wake up reborn, awakened and renewed full of new thoughts to live your life by.

  5. QFT sooo true...
  6. Thats intresting that mushrooms are more intense than acid. Anyway acid seems more intresting and cleaner than shrooms. less intense is what I want my first trip to be like anyway. I will probably try acid this summer
  7. I ate more than an 1/8 of shrooms after a party on the beach 2 nights ago, the party was across state lines in alabama, about a 2 hour drive back to my house. It was just about one of the most enlightening but even more so scary nights of my life. The shit that I saw while I was driving through these woods near the beach would of made anybody here shit there pants. At the highest point of the psycodellic adventure I was driving along the sound when it got foggy as hell, I mean I couldn't see 5 feet infront of me driving. Then all of a sudden it cleared up like a tunnel, the fog was still around me but it was like someone carved a tunnel out of it. about a mile down the road a brick wall appears infront of my truck, and I jam on the breaks, after looking behind me I notice there is a ghoulish monster behind me, I peal out and drive through the brick wall, I had imagined the whole thing. I ended up buying a blue bull and smoking a joint at the closest tom thumb to clear my head. Then I drove home safely, scariest god damn thing, it is hard to explain on here what actually happened.
  8. O wait, I change my answer. It depends on the quality of both substances. The type of mushroom u eat determins what kind of trip you're going to have, along with a number of other factors including the people youre around and the enviroment your in, as well as youre state of mind. The same can be said for the type of acid you get, but in my expierance acid last alot longer, feels kind of unnatrual, and leaves you a little fried the next day.
  9. well i guess im gana go with the shrooms , ill do just that. eat an 8th of shoroms and take some bong hits. thats sounds baller!!! :devious:.
  10. I have never done Acid but I have done shrooms and I would imagine, from what I read and hear from a lot of people, you should do shrooms your first time. I would have done whichever came first, just so happened that it was shrooms... Still waiting on the acid though.
  11. All psychedelics are good, if you want to get a heavy psychedelic experience, DMT. Mushrooms generally "flow" more than LSD does. LSD has a lot of kaleidoscopes and fractals. Both are interesting to do though
  12. do not listen to the people suggesting shrooms.

    i was a psychadelic warrior for a year of my life (did psychadelics everyday pushing myself to extremes) and let me tell you i cannot even take shrooms anymore.

    if you can get clean LSD, where you take 1 hit and are in strawberry fields forever do the acid man. acid gives me such great vibes, warmth, euphoria, and intense trips. i never get a bad one and i never feel bad on it.

    if you cant get good acid though definitely just take some shrooms man, not worth getting 2ci instead or some other weird shit. bad acid stays with you
  13. Um... either or.
    Acid is more friendly tho, which might help for your first time... I wish I did.
  14. dont be fooled, acid is not less intense it just does not give you the bad feelings like shrooms with stomach aches and panic attacks. i guarantee you will have a crazier and better trip from one hit of clean acid than an eighth of some exotic hawaiian cubensis and some big fresh juicy cyanescens.

    like on acid i could just take bong rip after bong rip and each one would change my world slightly (in very good ways) until the room was filled with rainbow prism things everywhere blocking my vision of my brother, but i then mastered the trip and used it in my vision to look at my bud. the rainbows were gone, but i washeading into this nug at great speeds. actually my eyes were just zooming in it felt so cool. i could see a close up macro of my bud and was like sooooooo fucking happy for an hour just looking at one nug.
  15. shrooms definitly are more chill and for your first time i would do them because they will give you a not as scary trip a more whoa this is cool and a less what the fuck is happening.
  16. believe this man. he knows.

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