shrooms or acid

Discussion in 'General' started by erc5991, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Im thinkin about gettin either shrooms or LSD this summer. I have never done either of them before. They are both hard to find but LSD is harder to find in my area. But anyway, i was wondering what are the similarities/differences between the 2?
  2. sid, everything moves on its own w/out making it.
  3. Id deff say shrooms.

    First, I dont trust any acid hookups because alot times they bullshit.

    Second, Ive heard about bad 'flashbacks' on acid.

    Third, Acid jus seems worth.

    Shrooms are the shit without the cosequences really, Jus trust your dealer. I only buy shrooms from one guy and i pay $35-50 a eighth but i trust him. When i buy shrooms im trusting the person with my life because the shrooms could be bunk and could be fatal, So ill willin to spend $10-25 bucks more to be alive.

    But shrooms rock.
  4. Id go with shrooms.ive delt with acid before, and the costumers call back panicing
    because it was to strong for them.So if you do indeed go with acid then dont do
    too much.I fuckin love doing shrooms here and there.Just make sure you
    know the dealer enough so he wont fuck ya around.And if you do know him good
    then you know that its $5 a gram normal price(where i live).Give him $50 and
    youl get 10 grams.Then you can trip balls woth some bros or your woman.
  5. Shrooms can't hurt me.
    I can hurt shrooms.

    Acid can punch me though.
  6. are there any differences between the trips?
  7. acid is a much more clear-headed trip. acid seems to build thoughts up whereas mushrooms scatter your thoughts more.
    both give great visuals. i associate mushrooms with stronger visuals (i rarely get visuals from less than two hits of acid, but i get visuals with less than half an eighth of shrooms). mushroom visuals are very organic and melty while acid visuals are electric and have more structure and pattern than shrooms.
    i find that keeping my composure is equally difficult for either drug, but it seems like more people feel out of control on mushrooms.

    on the practical side, you can get a lot more acid for the money than shrooms (4-6 hits for the price of an eighth of shrooms) and the trip lasts longer (which can be a good or bad thing).

    my suggestion?
    try both.
  8. I would definately go with shrooms, of course i'm kind of partial to them because I used to grow. Growing a psychedellic then taking it is a great experience.
  9. If you haven't done acid, I wouldn't reccomend it. Friend did it and he's in his own little world. Theres more "possible" consequences like above said with acid than shrooms. Your choice though.

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