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  1. I got this on tuesday. I was dry all monday and tuesday morning, i kept bugging everyone i knew. No luck all day so i was about to crash when a friend called saying he found me an oz. I was happy and said come over then. A few min later he called back and said he found some shrooms, i was like hell yea.

    So my buddy ate an 8th, my bag was 5 grams(i just asked for an 8th, got lucky i guess) so i ate 3 and left 2 for another day. we waited for them to start to kick in then we smoked a blunt. prob started trippin at 1am, was great till around 4, then it was just like i was really stoned till 8-9am.

    In the one pic is my buddys shrooms ground up, me about to grind mine and my oz.

    and some up close pics of my 2 grams i have left

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  2. have fun tripping bro :smoking:
  3. I just ate my last 2 grams.

    I'm just starting to feel it. it think. ... yea hehe

    i'm not sure what i'm going to do, i guess just listen to music. I'm by myself. well my dad is here right now, but then hes leaving to do some stuff then hes coming back in a few hours.
  4. so your friend just picked the shrooms up from the ground?
  5. no he bought them. theres ppl there the area w/ a shroom op

    $30 an 8th

    my back and legs hurt

  6. lol....
  7. hahaha. i need to smoke a bowl, i can't remember what i was going to say
  8. Lol, Booms look good! HAVE FUN! :hippie:
  9. how was your trip dude
  10. it was nice. not the best trip sinse i didn't eat that much this time but i felt great for most of the day.

    I was supposed to help my dad work on his car but i couldn't think straight enough to do anything.

    I ended up watching hockey for a few hours. I never watch it but it was kinda cool today, watching everyone slide all over the place. Then i got really bored around 3-4 and took a nap till 6. Then it was over.

    I really want more. I'm going to have to get into growing them. its just right now i gotta focus on growing weed, but i got shit in the way of getting an op done. really it would prob be easier for me to get away with growing shrooms but i want the weed more.

  11. LMAO :hello:
  12. ouch u fell asleep on them thats what really killed it it woulda lasted a little longer i felt like u just did .... damn im pretty smashed from my bud right now
  13. I never smoke while shrooming, It just makes me stoned and not trip at all.

    Same goes with drinking and smoking, If Im drunk and I smoke, I will be too fucked up to enjoy anything. I missed a whole Dave Matthews concert at the gorge years ago cause of this. I was in the porta potty all fucked up for like hours..

    Sux to be me i guess.
  14. yea i wish i didn't fall asleep. but i was by myself, didn't have anything to do. was starting to get bored. i didn't eat enough to keep myself entertained.

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