Shrooms laced with acid

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  1. I've never tried shrooms before, but I really want to try them. One thing i'm worried about is weather or not i'd be getting real shrooms. I've been seeing a therapist for a while, he's really cool. i talk to him about everything even like smoking weed and shit. I talked to him about my intrests and he said that a lot of what passes for mushrooms on long island are actually mushrooms from the grocery store dried in the microwave and laced with lsd, or a milder form of it. He says that its really hard to tell until after you actually eat them.

    A friend of mine has tried shrooms about 3 times. He said the first 2 were kind of mild, and had some hallucinations and colors looked more vivid, but nothing to intense. His third time he had a crazy horrible trip, where he got caught in a horrible web of thought, and banged his head against a wall for about 10 minutes, and overall the trip was way more intense than what he had expected before. I asked him if it was possible that he had gotten acid, not real shrooms, and he said maybe.

    I've never done any hallucinogens before, so i wouldn't want to start with lsd, especially if i'm expecting shrooms. Does anyone know if this is a real concern i should have, or just an overblown rumor (anywhere, but especially NY)?
  2. Well I have never had bad shrooms. I really doubt anyone would lace shrooms with acid. Depending on your part of the country acid is hard to get anyway. Oregon is one of the major places to get acid. It is also not hard to get shrooms there. The fact of the matter is that shrooms laced with acid would cost to much, and would be a waste of money.

    It comes down to what kind of state of mind you are in when you decide to trip. Sometimes you have a bad trip, and you just have to be ready to deal with that. It usually passes with time. If you want to do it, go for it. I have never known anyone who has gotten acid laced shrooms.
  3. i guess the title was kind of misleading.... sorry about that

    i dont mean actually shrooms laced with lsd, i mean regular grocery store mushrooms that are dried out in the microwave and then laced with lsd which are passed off as shrooms... i think that theres been acid around lately. Around here shrooms usually go for about 30 for 1/8 and i think that acid is about 10 a hit so i guess that would make sense. But again, i'm not talking about psychadelic mushrooms laced with lsd, i mean regular old mushrooms that you eat on your pizza or with your steak or something like that.
  4. It all boils down to a judgement call on your part. If it looks sketchy or feels sketchy trust yourself. Most of the time shrooms come all dried and broken up. Usualy they are straight stems with little caps. They usualy state like shit or vomit. While i have heard acid is sour (unsure)?
  5. Thanks man. That really made me put it into prespective.
  6. I had some fun, just be in a good and calm mood.

  7. i beg to differ, if you have access to liquid acid, and you dilute it so you can put a drop on each mushroom in a cut to equal 1-2 hits of acid, and then sell it for for 30 a cut, your basically selling 2 hits of acid for 15 bucks each, when acid on average costs 5-10 dollars, so i dont see how this would cost to much

    edit: also acid has no smell or taste, if you can find non-poisonous shrooms that taste and smell like shit, ur good
  8. Even if they were bunk shrooms laced with lsd, buy it up!
  9. I've never seen mushrooms at the grocery store that looked like 'shrooms. I don't spend a lot of time in the fruit/vegetable section, but I'm pretty sure that the only mushrooms I've seen in a store are the little bright white ones, and also the huge portabello mushrooms or whatever. Neither of those looks like psychadelic shrooms.

    Anyway, don't worry about it. Does your therapist do shrooms and acid? I'm gonna guess that he doesn't. Well, I DO do shrooms and acid, and I've never heard of anyone selling normal mushrooms laced with LSD.

    People who don't do drugs are always quick to say "You don't know where that's from, it could be laced!!!" It's true that it is a possibility, but the fact is, most people who sell shrooms and acid are not in it to rip people off. They usually just druggies who enjoy the drugs and would be using them anyway, so they sell 'em to make some extra cash.
  10. This isnt really in response to your question.. but a few months back, one of my friend picked up an ounce of mushrooms and a couple vials of liquid LSD. And he took all the caps out of the ounce which on average were like .5grams each I think and then he put drops of acid on them until each cap was equal to about half a hit of good acid. Then he sold them in packs of 4 caps so you would eat them and basically be eating 2 grams of mushrooms and 2 hits of good acid :)

  11. He doesnt do shrooms or acid (as far as i know haha) but he did a lot of work during the 60s and 70s with kids who were taking drugs like this. He told me that when he first started out, his main job was to talk kids down from bad trips. He did a lot of work with kids in schools who sell/use a lot of drugs so i trust his word, but your right he's probably making it seem much worse than it actually is. Thanks everyone for the great responses!
  12. Thatd be a terrible high.
  13. LOL get real dude . for one Lsd 's main drugs come the ergot alkaloids or ergot fungus . in basic a Mycelium much like the alkaloids and mycelium of mushrooms . they are not related other than they are both alkaloids from mycelium base ...

  14. out right bull shit ! he is right , if you run into the worng mix it can out right kill you !!! or leave you fucked up metally for the rest of your life ,, and your own health and well being can make it twice as easy ...and state of mind ....

    "Fëanor" well stated ......!street trash can be anything ! find a good sorce ....
  15. if the shrooms are dried and dont have any blue brusies or look like shit from the groccery store chances are ur getting ripped
  16. might wanna check out shroomery
  17. Ok, first off I don't know what you're talking about with "Fresh" being more potent than "Dried" shrooms.

    It's the complete opposite, FRESH mushrooms aren't nearly as potent as DRIED. That's why people take nearly 15-30 fresh mushies to equate to 2.5 - 3.5g of dried.

    If this information has be concluded from your own research, then you must either be experiencing some serious placebo effects or you're just full of it.

    The point is, your giving out wrongful information.

    Tbika - head over to There you will find quite alot of information on psychedelic mushrooms as well as others. The majority of the people on that forum know alot about mushrooms to fullest extent. I wouldn't finalize any idea I had with any psychedelic, until I asked a question there.

    As far as getting "LSD" laced mushrooms, your chances are slim to none. Only take them if your ready for the experience, and it is in fact a journey the first time you consume them.

  18. your right i did have the doseages back wards ....havent dont them in along time . and i am a breeder of cannabis not shrooms but 46 years old , i have been smokeing & doing drugs for 35 years ,almost twice your
  19. I can understand where your coming from, lol you were probably stoned when you wrote it :smoking:

    Sorry if it may have seemed liked I attacked you, just alot of wrongful information has been thrown out on these forums lateley. It just gets a bit aggervating after a while with all these new members.
  20. its cool dude . and i like to see sharp minds out here ..... i collected rare strains from all over the world and spend thousand and few even know what the old school strains are anymore ... in 2002 only 5 of us had the 1974 strain base of PR ...and yes i still have the true breeding one wants to grow sative anymore it takes to much work next to the newer indica its a true shame they failed to see the breeders value . same with the Thia . thai was a bluk strain used for opioum and not a very good weed alround . yet it had been grown in northern china and thailand for hunders of years .... now a few breeders like my self found it has unbeleaveable vigor and growth rates and crossing breeding it to other strains . takes real skill but when you hit the right notes . you get strains like the Candy Cain Thai .,,, 9 ft indoor 20 inches thai sticks that just got a numbing effect ,, bad ass weed dude ...... and you are right i was a recluse for 17 years and went off my farm 8 times in those years . in fact i still am a recluse and this computer is my only way out ..... i like it this way .......some where some day cannabis history will be written and you may get the chance to see or hear me again .,... stay safe stay free

    PS lol in fact i was stoned on some sativa chronic cross hydro ....

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