Shrooms in the US

Discussion in 'General' started by wtyler12, May 9, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know of anyway to get shrooms that are legal in the US. Are there any shroom spores or products of any kind that can be purchased from Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  2. No, shrooms are illegal in the US. Grasscity won't ship to the US, search around using google for "Psycilibin Grow Kits" and such.

  3. some will ship to cali right?
  4. i've looked up growing kits before and found a bunch of sites that would ship all over the US.
  5. I had a couple sites bookmarked that shipped to the US, but that got wiped out. I'll search in a little bit for some.

  6. ebay. buy spores for cheap, don't ship to cali.
  7. Theres always a bunch of ads in high times for mushroom grow kits and stuff, spores included. Pretty sure they will ship to the US, there headquarters is in new york or something...
  8. my friend got some spores from someone on a couple years ago, he ended up growing 9 ounces of dried shrooms and they were BOMB. I tripped so hard off his boomers. He sold a lot and made a fortune. He no longer does it but damn was that a good run. That was one hell of a summer, we'd sit around and eat caps like they were candy.

    But yes I am also looking for somewhere to get spores...
  9. i would also love to know where to get some online... if anybody finds a reliable website then post it. and does anybody know how much spores cost?... i don't think tehre too expensive.

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